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Rose Shure, Standard Operations

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NAME: Rose L. Shure
Company: Shure Incorporated
Title: Chairman
Overtime: Shure places much importance on stringent testing, uncompromising quality standards, and careful attention to customer needs.

SCN: The ruggedness and reliability of Shure's products is well known. How has Shure's adherence to MILSPEC and ISO standards added value and reliability to its products?

Rose Shure: At a time when built-in obsolescence seems to be the norm, the dependable performance of long-lasting Shure products comes through, even under adverse conditions. This more than justifies the cost and time involved in stringent testing, uncompromising quality standards, and careful attention to customer needs.

SCN: How does the Technology Annex within Shure's headquarters play into the company's engineering innovation?

RS: The Technology Annex provides specially designed areas and equipment for our Blue Ribbon Teams, which are cross-functional groups that develop new products. Also, the facility includes an RF Chamber, two suspended Anechoic Chambers, Quality Control labs, and environmental testing chambers, which provide mandatory testing to assure the quality and reliability of our products. These are augmented by a large Machining Center and Model Shop. In addition, our Performance Listening Center, which is a building within a building, contains a large acoustically treated room for live performances, a fully equipped digital recording studio, and a small theater to listen to recorded performances.

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During World War II, Shure produced the T-17 for battlefield use. Shown here is the T-17 assembly line that ran continuously, 24 hours a day.
SCN: Shure products continue to experience significant demand and celebrate major anniversaries. What does this say about the legacy of Shure products?

RS: This is a source of tremendous satisfaction, and I wish my husband was still here to witness the unique, ongoing, worldwide popularity and value of the SM57 and SM58 Microphones after 40 years. Along with other Shure products that have become industry standards, they justify the commitment and passion of generations of Shure Associates.

SCN: Shure possesses name recognition on a level that is rare within this industry. To what would you attribute this success?

RS: To have earned the trust and recognition that Shure has achieved is a rare privilege, which speaks to the discrimination and judgment of our customers. Beyond the quality and reliability of our products and customer service, integrity in all of our business relationships is the foundation of our reputation.

SCN: How would you finish the following sentences?
A manufacturer must...
see its people as its greatest asset, to be trusted and respected.

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After 47 years in Evanston, Shure moved its headquarters to this building in Niles, IL.
Iconic Shure products... have been seen and played a role at great historical world events in the 20th century. They are used daily by a variety of people, both famous and obscure, to communicate their messages or enhance their performances.

Industry an ongoing process to keep up with technology advancements. Just as Shure encourages continued training and education for its associates, our company advocates training and education within the sound contractors' industry in multiple ways.


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