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Corning Shows Off Tough and Beautiful—and Not Just its Glass

  • In this world where booth babes still exist, note that there are also brilliant beautiful woman. The Corning booth was ‘manned’ by women who were just that—tough, yet beautiful.
  • Being from Buffalo, NY, I admit I’m partial to Corning. The Corning Museum is only a few hours from Buffalo and I have fond childhood memories of visits and glass figurines.
  • Corning had some new takes on their products, which now can be found on over 1.5 billion (yes, I said billion) devices. First they demonstrated a product by Egan – Corning glass over a dry erase board. This allows the board to be so light it was installed with Velcro and so strong one could ‘throw’ magnets at it. With Corning glass the product was so thin it allowed for a great modern design.
  • Next up was the next generation of multi-touch display by Microsoft—again with Corning glass. If I didn’t know I was standing in their booth, I would never know I was touching glass. It has much more of a LED feel with no reflection. By partnering with Corning, the thinness allows for a perfect touch. No need to touch twice to get the panel to react (which I have seen many times at the show). It was my favorite large panel multi-touch experience at the show. It just felt good.
  • For our last adventure, we had a prototype of a possible future product. This unit may find its way into telepresence, gaming, or even types of training exercises. (For those of you that don’t know—I learned this at the show—telepresence is an immersive experience, while a conference call is just your face and the call). I did play the game, and it was a comfortable experience. The curved large screen covered most of your peripheral vision without taking you out of the room entirely (which I’ve never been really comfortable with)
  • To put the glass to the test, I was given three pieces of glass to break (all wrapped in plastic to keep the lawyers away). The first for a ‘plain’ glass, the second was a ‘coated’ glass, and the third was Cornings. Guess which one I could not break. This was a simple, yet excellent demo of their product. Well done ladies!