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 There’s an endless stream of bags filled with freshly abandoned personal possessions accumulating outside my apartment door. They pile up much faster than I can find ethical means to dispose of them. There’s that old cliché about how your junk is another person’s treasure, but it’s hard to imagine ruined clothing and broken picture frames of any use.

My ambitious household purge was catalyzed by a recent death in the family, after which I found myself wading through decades of clutter you couldn’t imagine why they’d been held onto: a box of ash trays accumulated from an assortment of restaurants and hotels; soggy vinyl records; 1990s era maps and tourist guides from vacations past; tax records from many businesses ago. It’s fascinating to find what someone couldn’t part with over the years, or simply what got lost in the chaos. It quickly became apparent that a household purge of my own was long overdue.

I usually have a lot of trouble cleaning out what I practically don’t have any use or interest in keeping—most people do—but what I’ve come to realize is that once it’s gone, I don’t miss it. Making the decision to part with an item of sentimental value yet lost utility is the hardest part.

This all began for me in the few days leading up to Rosh Hashanah, which marks the New Year on the Jewish calendar, with the fall season looming as well. The symbolism was all too obvious, and the ensuing gravity consuming. As a writer, I spend a lot of time searching for meaning in the everyday minutiae. So much so that when meaning plops itself on my doorstep, it seems astonishingly serendipitous. There’s an opportunity not to be missed.

For all of us—some probably more than others—this time of year is pivotal. It’s a time to look back at the year that may have flown by and looking ahead to what’s left to achieve, how to use this moment as a launching pad for the next big idea.

It’s a great time to clear some of the clutter from your life and your business. It’s a project for sure, but a worthwhile one. What’s left when all the dust is cleared? What’s missing? Be sure you have surrounded yourself with the right people to support and catapult you forward through the what’s left of this year, and hopefully, there’s enough momentum to push on into the next. I’ll bet that you won’t miss what isn’t there anymore.


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Team Effort

Whether you want to admit it or not, at some level, we all serve to help make someone else’s life easier, and there’s a reflective quality in turn; we rely on other people to help make our lives easier.

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Live from InfoComm's AVEC

As we look to 2016, how are you cultivating change? Maybe you join Twitter, implement new activities at your company, or try a new trade show or business conference.

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Service Stories

For most of this year, I’ve devoted a considerable amount of time to better understand service offerings and emphasize the model throughout SCN. I was starting to feel sick of talking about it; however, I was eager to lob the topic to the half dozen gracious end users who recently joined me on a pair of technology panels.

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Time Standing Still

Basking in the post-show glow, or perhaps it was the blazing Florida sun, I had that feeling of standing still in time, or the irrelevance of time altogether. InfoComm was THE moment, or series of moments that I’ve been gearing up for all year.

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Live to Laugh

In a Harold, the comedians fearlessly step forward on the stage without any idea of what might come next. Every moment is up to ever-changing chance. And it’s sort of where I see myself now taking over as editor of SCN.

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Moon Dance

There are major shifts at work in the universe as I write this: the trifecta of a solar eclipse, perigee moon, and the vernal equinox.

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Momentary Space

There’s something about a room that can be truly magical. It’s something you can hear and feel immediately upon setting foot across the threshold.

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Risky Business: Cybersecurity in AV

I already knew just from the feedback I received and audience engagement at the cybersecurity sessions at Symco’s Regional Roadshows in April that we hit on a really hot topic for AV professionals. When polling attendees, most cited very little knowledge of the topic, and they were eager to take the discussions further.