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HydraConnect Releases HDMI Extender

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HydraConnect LLC has announced availability of the HEXT-21 second generation HDMI extender.

The HEXT-21 second generation HDMI extender.

The HDMI interconnect has a length limitation of approximately 15 feet (5 meters). Custom Electronics installers typically install systems that can require several hundred feet (50-100 meters) of cable runs, so technologies were developed for extending the HDMI signal. The HDBaseT standard allows 330 feet (100 meters) of HDMI extension.

Current generation HDBaseT products are typically large (2.5-inch X 4-inch X 1-inch – 6.4cm X 10cm X 2.5cm) and require a plug in power supply at both the receiver and transmitter ends. The HEXT-21 is an HDBaseT extender that is very small in size – 1-inch X 2-inch X 3-inch (2.4cm X 4.8cm X 7.2cm). Also, the HEXT21 requires a power supply only at the transmitter end. These two features mean that now only one small box is required behind the television. Finally, the HEXT21 powers down from its standard 14 watts to 9 watts when no video stream is present.

HEXT-21 is available from stock with an MSRP of $475. Special discounts are available when the HEXT-21 is purchased in conjunction with HydraConnect’s Control4 HDMI processor HSS-1.


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