Vandross Does the Wave -

Vandross Does the Wave

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The p-wave, a decorative version of the "new wave" truss series from Total Structures, appeared on stage with Luther Vandross at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

p-wave was chosen by lighting designer Warwick Price, for its effects under various lighting conditions. The edges of the plexi webs capture light, and the truss glows to form part of the light show itself.

Large acrylic panels were set between the vertical array of trusses, as water passed over etched surfaces to reflect the light.

The show also featured a number of aluminum "hexi-pods" that were fabricated by Total Structures for Light and Sound Design some time ago. These house lighting fixtures are supported from the main grid above the stage.

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The dealer network for the sale of the new wave truss system from Total Structures continues to grow. Such has been the interest and demand for the latest product from the company that the network is not just limited to the U.S. but extends to Europe and beyond.

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