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Pexip’s Newest Infinity Version Deploys on Amazon Web Services

Pexip’s newest version of its Infinity platform will enable deployment directly on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform.

Pexip’s award-winning Infinity platform aims to allow organizations to improve work efficiency by enabling everyone in organizations of any size to benefit from visual communication and collaboration tools. It ties together enterprise communication solutions such as Microsoft Skype for Business, legacy video and telephone conferencing, and web-based communications so that organizations can improve their competitive advantage by getting more done with better results.

“Making Pexip Infinity available for the Amazon cloud was a natural step for us, as it provides the end user with even more, and even simpler deployment, use, and consumption options,” said Åsmund O. Fodstad, Pexip CEO. “It is in line with our vision of making visual communications and collaboration available for everyone in any size organization.”

Pexip Infinity users deploying on AWS can benefit from all the features Amazon makes available to its customers. Hosting Pexip Infinity on the Amazon cloud provides an easy-to-use and cost effective alternative for many enterprises. AWS is already used by some of the largest corporations around.

With a Pexip Infinity AWS deployment, it is quick and easy for an administrator to spin up extra instances and add capacity in minutes, providing unmatched simplicity, flexibility and scalability for any-sized organization, according to the company. There is no need to invest in or own any additional or custom hardware, as the entire collaboration solution can be hosted on the AWS cloud.

Pexip makes Infinity available as Amazon AMIs – Application Machine Images – for the AWS cloud. These can be deployed on AWS to benefit from any of Amazon’s deployment options; a private, public, or hybrid instance, each providing unique benefits for the user.

In both the private and public cloud deployment options, the complete communications and collaboration solution is deployed on the AWS in its entirety. There is no need to buy or manage any hardware whatsoever. In a hybrid deployment, management, and optionally some media handling, is deployed on the customer’s corporate network.

Making Pexip Infinity available for AWS falls in line with the company’s mission of making video, audio, and visual collaboration tools available for everyone in the most efficient and simple ways.

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