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SSL Offers Solutions For Government And Military Applications

SOLUTIONS: The SSL DV Gravity Media Asset Management system’s ability to handle data ingesting, editing, compliance monitoring, archiving, and playout can help government agencies ensure accuracy and accountability.

The role of Media Asset Management (MAM) continues to grow at a rapid pace for government agencies on all levels of service. From the hallowed halls of Congress, where general meetings and sessions are broadcast to the public, to the secret military and security meetings that need archiving and compliance monitoring, the literal explosion of information in the form of video/audio files, text, and graphics is daunting at best.

The successful organization and retrieval of this information is of paramount importance to bring these agencies into a new work paradigm with far greater efficiencies than possible in the past. To meet these needs, SSL DV has developed the Gravity Media Asset Management system to handle all aspects of file ingestion, editing, archiving, metadata creation, and dissemination within one system that is compatible with existing computer and WAN and LAN systems.

Gravity is format, media, and hardware independent with a fully scalable and expandable SOA architecture (Service-Oriented Architecture) and user-configurable GUIs. Workstations, encoders, storage, transcoders, decoders, and servers may grow from one to literally hundreds in single incremental units, so the system specified today can easily expand in the future based on need.

To manage the large amount of data, video, and text amassed during governmental meeting and training sessions, SSL DV has developed the Gravity Media Asset Management system to handle all aspects of file ingestion, editing, archiving, metadata creation, and dissemination.

The user can specify any number of hierarchy and levels of access security for the entire system. Content storage capacity is virtually unlimited and can be designed for varying levels of redundancy, either local or remote. Because the Gravity system can be configured to eliminate any single point of failure, it can automatically switch to back-up mode without interruption. Gravity’s Systems Monitor regularly checks all system components and hardware for errors and warnings. For the systems integration point of view, once Gravity is in place, expansion is extremely straightforward from adding capacity to including new features or users.

For government meetings and sessions of Congress for public disclosure, the capture and playout model is nearly that of a broadcast network through the ingestion of video/audio files prepared for public release through terrestrial broadcast, cable, satellite, and web sources. Gravity offers this application the ability to ingest different formats of video at the same time, while simultaneously creating low-resolution proxy files that can be instantly edited with Gravity’s LiveEdit software for near real-time dissemination.

Gravity is also ideal for remote, interactive inclusion of different interested parties into a discussion or conference. Far from simple videoconferencing, Gravity archives all footage and at the same time creates advanced and inclusive metadata tags for each file, allowing for swift and accurate retrieval of all related media files. Further, with Gravity’s Web Mobile application, a user gains a web-based interface to the entire Gravity archive and production management system.

Compliance monitoring is also extremely important for all government applications. Through the use of Gravity’s ION fully integrated or standalone system, meetings can easily be captured, edited, stored, and recalled. Gravity and ION can also capture sessions across midnight without the need to create a new file with a different date stamp.

In an age where government agencies need advanced management systems to ensure accuracy and accountability coupled with possible public disclosure, Gravity is a solution that pulls all aspects of ingesting, editing, compliance monitoring, archiving, and playout together within one format-independent system.

Shaun McTernan is VP of marketing for SSL DV, a Solid State Logic Company.