Bittner Audio Adopts Audinate’s Dante Networking Solution -

Bittner Audio Adopts Audinate’s Dante Networking Solution

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Audinate and Bittner Audio have entered into an agreement to license Dante, Audinate’s digital media networking solution, while Bittner Audio will start producing Dante enabled products.

Bittner‘s portfolio includes low impedance and 100 volts amplifiers from two to eight channels. Models range from 200 to 5600 watts per amp or 100 to 2000 watts per channel. Bittner provides no-compromise audiophile amplifiers as well as models with DSP.

Dante integrates media and control for an entire AV system over a single IP network. Set-up is easy, with devices that automatically discover one another and one-click signal routing with user-editable names. Dante has now been adopted by more than 95 OEMs, and is recognized as the most interoperable media networking solution in the market today.

"Bittner amplifiers are used in projects ranging from premier concert halls to airports, power plants, tunnels, and stadiums with maximum safety requirements,” said managing director, Bittner, Joachim Schwarz. “The most important reason that Bittner chose Dante as a network solution is that it promises and has delivered a standard for products of different brands to communicate over a network.“

“Bittner Audio products are widely deployed in systems and applications benefiting from digital networking,“ chief executive officer, Audinate, Lee Ellison said. “Bittner Audio’s decision to adopt Dante reflects their commitment and principles on the importance of performance and quality.”


CADAC Licenses Audinate DANTE Technology

Cadac Holdings Ltd., Luton, Beds. UK. CADAC has signed a license agreement with Audinate to license its DANTE digital audio networking protocol and develop integration solutions for the two companies’ products.

Audinate Dante HC

Audinate continue its tradition of creating innovative and cutting-edge solutions continues, with the introduction of Dante HC, the industry’s highest-capacity networked audio solution for professional AV systems. Dante HC supports up to 512 x 512 redundant bi-directional uncompressed audio channels on a single Xilinx FPGA.

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Audinate Updates Dante Controller

Audinate's Dante Controller v3.2.9.2 has been released for both Windows and Mac. This update now supports Yamaha HA Remote mode toggling for supported devices and also supports Mac OS X 10.8 for Mac.