Lab X starts AVB Group on LinkedIn

As a service to the AV community, Lee Minich of Lab X Technologies has created the AVB Audio Video Bridging group on LinkedIn. This rapidly growing group has already attracted over 250 members with a professional interest in the IEEE 802.1x standards that are developed under the aegis of the AVB Task Group.

  • “I’m very interested in both AV and social media,” Minich explains, “and the networks that support them. With more than 43 million registered users in 170 industries, LinkedIn is a great place to encourage discussions, questions, and collaboration regarding AVB as well as to highlight the scope and impact of this technology.” Lab X’s working relationships with AV manufacturers and silicon providers who are active participants in the development of AVB standards are an important energizing factor for this diverse and active community.

As a leader in engineering connectivity solutions, Lab X has been involved with development and early productization of AVB. AVB is an umbrella term for new IEEE standards that make both wired and wireless Ethernet networks capable of reliable real-time delivery of audio and video.

Members of the AVB Audio Video Bridging group on LinkedIn will already know that IEEE P802.1Qav is the first of the AVB standards going to Sponsor ballot, a final stage in the formal adoption process. IEEE P802.1Qav will improve audio and video streaming over Ethernet LANs by controlling delay, jitter, and packet loss. Two other important parts of the AVB umbrella are IEEE P802.1AS, which specifies how to do precise synchronization, and IEEE P802.1Qat, which specifies how to reserve network resources for delivery of video and audio streams.

Interested parties are encouraged to join the group by linking from the home page at