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Clear Connection

Extron Responds to Market Demand for Fast Reliable Switching of Digital Video in Integrated Systems

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COMPANY: Extron Electronics
OBJECTIVE: To provide reliable, highperformance switching and long-distance distribution in a fully integrated solution.

Ensuring high-performance signal distribution from a wide variety of sources to today’s digital displays is a challenge for most AV system designers and integrators. For more than 28 years, Extron has pioneered many digital technologies that integrators depend upon for reliable system performance. Our engineers applied this knowledge and experience to design the XTP CrossPoint Systems, with the goal of providing a flexible and easy-to-use integrated solution for switching and distribution of multiple digital and analog AV signals.

Steve Somers

At Extron, we invest an enormous amount of time and effort in designing, testing, and evaluating technologies and components to ensure reliability. To maximize flexibility, the XTP CrossPoint not only accommodates the newer HDMI, DVI , and DisplayPort technologies, but also accepts and processes analog video formats in a manner that is transparent from an operational standpoint. The addition of powerful audio management capability, ethernet extension, system-wide control capability, and streamlined integration options creates a truly integrated and reliable solution.

The XTP CrossPoint provides consistent, high-performance switching to address the particular challenge of distribution distances for the various video formats. Additionally, front-end digitization of analog RG BHV and de-interlacing of standard definition rates ensures a high level of performance. Extron engineers tested feature sets to perfect the XTP CrossPoint design, achieving extremely fast switching in a flexible yet simple-to-use system.

Extron’s XTP CrossPoint accommodates newer HDMI, DVI, and DisplayPort technologies and also accepts and processes analog video formats in a manner that is transparent from an operational standpoint.

What sets XTP CrossPoint apart from other manufacturers’ solutions are the technologies Extron engineered into the design, providing unique features and system reliability. In addition to enhancing switching speeds for the diverse range of digital and analog video formats, the system provides versatile audio distribution methods, extensive control options, streamlining integration features, and a comprehensive system management program. The end design ensures that system operation and functionality remain transparent to the user, despite system complexity and distances between endpoints.

Four Extron-exclusive technologies provide ultra-fast, highly reliable signal switching and distribution in XTP CrossPoint Systems. These proven technologies enable processing of standard definition video signals with SD Pro, management of EDID communication through EDID Minder, and minimized source switching delays using Key Minder and SpeedSwitch technology. With these technologies engineered into the XTP CrossPoint, signal switching through the entire system is more reliable and seamless.

XTP CrossPoint Systems provide an integrated solution that addresses the widest variety of environments, ensuring long-distance transmission and distribution of an extensive array of signal formats and types in a system built with the quality and dependability that AV professionals expect from Extron products.

Steve Somers is the vice president of engineering for Extron.