Screen Innovations Now Shipping Black Diamond Tiles -

Screen Innovations Now Shipping Black Diamond Tiles

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Screen Innovations is now shipping its Black Diamond Tiles for large scale projection display, incorporating advanced ambient light rejection screen technology.

Black Diamond Tiles deliver a bright, brilliant image in nearly any environment, according to the company, eliminating the need for darkened viewing areas. Black Diamond Tiles are well suited for a wide range of commercial venues and are designed for versatility.

Unlike all other screen materials, Black Diamond absorbs ambient light from all directions and only selectively reflects back the projectors light. The result is 900% more contrast in most conditions giving you the ability to utilize projection in any room environment, says Screen Innovations.

Black Diamond Tiles are completely customizable as well as scalable. Neodymium magnets affix Black Diamond Tiles to a custom rigid frame, creating a display of any size or aspect ratio. Each panel can be arranged in either landscape or portrait orientation.

Black Diamond Tiles feature a modular design for easy specification, compact shipping, and fast service.


Screen Innovations Black Diamond

Screen Innovations (SI) has enlarged Black Diamond. The largest Black Diamond screens to date feature 1.4 gain in new sizes: 16:9 120-inch and 2.35:1 150-inch, in Fixed and Zero Edge formats. The larger Black Diamond screens, as well as other recently designed additions to the SI family, continue to make SI the fastest growing screen company in the world.

Austin Restaurant Features SI Black Diamond Venue Screen promo image

Austin Restaurant Features SI Black Diamond Venue Screen

Projection screen manufacturer Screen Innovations (SI) has installed a massive Black Diamond Venue projection screen at an acclaimed Austin-area fine dining restaurant. The new 215-inch SI Black Diamond Venue projection screen enhances the establishment’s overall aesthetics, and has contributed to the restaurant’s increased traffic, service offering, and operational profitability, the company says.