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Multipurpose technology helps make PhRMA’s boardroom anything but boring

Multipurpose technology helps make PhRMA’s boardroom anything but boring

The new collaboration suite is outfitted with telepresence, a 32-point interactive touch screen display, and immersive audio. Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) recently selected Prysm’s Cascade 190 collaboration video wall for their renovated executive boardroom at the organization’s Washington, DC, headquarters.

As with many boardroom updates, the mission was to create a collaboration space that could be used by everyone in the organization for a variety of different working practices—from meetings and conferences to training areas with the ability to access telepresence, collaborative working methods and share presentations.

The new collaboration suite features telepresence capabilities, a 32-point touch screen display, and immersive audio. This advanced communication platform helps to connect the globally dispersed groups that PhRMA represents, building meaningful relationships with all stakeholders and allows remote editing of documents in real time that can then be saved and emailed to relevant parties.

The existing system featured three rear-projection projectors, which was limiting for presentations due to the 4:3 aspect ratio and limited number of sources that could be displayed simultaneously. The audio system also presented problems as the HVAC system was disruptive while holding meetings both for the in-room users and the participants seated further away. The systems integrator on this project, Tritech Communications, solved this by utilizing a Biamp Tesira line to reduce the HVAC noise to the far-end participants as well as creating a voice lift system that increased voice intelligibility of the in room participants.


PhRMA required an AV upgrade for its boardroom to enhance the number of activities that could take place in the space, increasing the longevity and cost effectiveness of the installation.

  • To transform the space from a standard boardroom into an area with multiple uses for meetings, presentations, conferences, training and group working.
  • To enable conferencing capabilities with true telepresence, facilitating meaningful relationships with global contacts.
  • To enhance productivity through resources that connect with other working practices.
  • To work within the limitations of the existing HVAC installation while increasing the audio quality for both voice lift within the room as well as perceived quality by the remote participants.


The Cascade 190 not only offers powerful collaboration capabilities, but also meets the challenging AV and facility requirements specified by PhRMA. For this installation, the display had to utilize the building’s existing infrastructure including inceiling audio and HVAC systems and fit into the 60-ft by 28-ft space. Designed for easy deployment, the Laser Phosphor Display technology-based video walls are free standing, integrate with existing IT and AV services, run cool to the touch eliminating the need for HVAC upgrades, and plug into standard electrical outlets.

“We were looking for leadingedge technology that met PhRMA’s collaboration needs. Prysm offered exactly that—the ideal combination of versatile software along with a revolutionary display,” explains David Sheggrud, director of the MidAtlantic Region for Tritec Communications.

“Prysm’s Cascade-series presents an all-in-one digital display solution that is intuitive, engaging and helps foster workforce productivity and collaboration. It also works within the existing building infrastructure making it easy to implement.”

PhRMA is already seeing the benefits of their Cascade solution. The Cascade 190 has improved collaboration among geographically dispersed groups, streamlined communications and reduced time to decision.

“We are extremely excited to have the Cascade 190 video wall in our executive boardroom,” said Doug Compton, chief information officer and vice president of operations for PhRMA. “Its touch-enabled, 190-inch-diagonal screen adds a dynamic element to the many high-profile meetings we have in this room. When our staff walk into the room, they are connected and actively participate and engage in meetings.”


EASE-OF-USE: “When our staff walk into the room, they are connected and actively participate and engage in meetings.”
—Doug Compton, CIO & VP of operations, PhRMA



Equipment Spotlight

• Biamp Tesira
• New Audio
• Prysm Cascade 190 collaboration video wall
• Voice Lift System for better speech intelligibility