A Modest Investment Pays Off

by Carl Gardner

You know that a routing switcher makes a worship facility’s AV system more reliable, durable, easy to use, and cost-effective to operate, besides enhancing audio and video quality. But does your customer know it?

As a centralized means of routing signals from one place to another—for example from recording to display devices—a router enables a video to be played on a single DVD player for simultaneous display on a screen in the sanctuary and monitors elsewhere without the time, expense, and headaches of multiple cabling connections.

Another advantage is the router’s ability to handle multiple signal formats, including HD, SD, and analog, for display on different devices. Also, because they can be linked to a PC via an ethernet connection, routers can be controlled, monitored, and tested easily (and remotely) via a web browser.

Utah Scientific has taken advantage of the latest technology to design a high-quality and affordable line of routers, the UTAH-100 Professional Series, that is well suited to houseof- worship use. While routers were once too expensive for any but mega churches, that’s no longer the case. Advanced routers like those in the UTAH-100 line make it possible for worship facilities of all sizes to glean the benefits of routing in their systems.

Carl Gardner is director of professional products for Utah Scientific.