ESPN Unveils Interactive Digital Signage Game to Promote Monday Night Football -

ESPN Unveils Interactive Digital Signage Game to Promote Monday Night Football

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ESPN is giving Monday Night Football’s 40th season's viewers the chance to play on an NFL field using interactive signage.

ESPN created an interactive digital signage experience that allows anyone walking past the displays to engage in a one-on-one challenge with a selected quarterback. The goal of the street-level game is to catch as many footballs as possible, and high scoring game players are able to submit their scores in real-time and see how they measure up to users in other cities.

The quarterback selection capability is paired with real-time updates and shows a countdown to next Monday’s game.

To present ESPN with this digital experience, Monster Media teamed up with Wieden & Kennedy and MacDonald Media. Each display uses the combination of four technologies, including: touchscreen activation, full-body responsive user tracking, real-time application, and a gaming function.

The displays are strategically located in highly-trafficked areas in New York, Boston and Chicago. Users are drawn to the displays by static signage surrounding an interactive custom LCD wall that entices users to approach the unit and interact with the game.


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