NATO Politics, and the Future of Cinema -

NATO Politics, and the Future of Cinema

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How could a fight over who pays for 3D glasses, in a movie theatre, be important? NATO is marshalling its troops– no I’m not talking about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization meeting in Chicago– that was a spouses’ shopping spree on the magnificent mile with little at stake. This is NATO– the National Association of Theatre Owners– where nothing less than the survival of the movies is at stake. As the writer points out, film distributors are trying to limit the time movies spend in theaters so they can be sold earlier on the home-video market– even as Hollywood studios look to 3D as a savior of the big-screen market.– David Keene

 This is the article in Business Week:


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Cinema’s Second Century

After more than a decade of “hurry up and wait” in the Cinema market, the analog-to-digital transition that most media started years ago is now achieving critical mass for movies. Yet today, many of the movies Americans watch at the local movie theater are still shown on 35mm movie projectors using the same technology that was in use when their grandparents were dating. Why the delay?

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NAB Future of Cinema Conference: HDR and the New Magic of Movies

If it’s HDR, more HFR (High Frame Rate), the latest 3D developments, and more of everything big-screen on all the on-ramp signs, you could only be headed to the big Future of Cinema Conference organized by SMPTE and NAB and held each year (it was formerly called the Cinema Summit) in Las Vegas the weekend just before the opening of the show floor at NAB.