Why Follow Us on Twitter? by Virginia Rubey

If you’re an AV technology manager, you probably already have a subscription to AV Technology magazine. You read our digital edition before the hard copy arrives at your office. AVT Online is your homepage. You subscribe to the RSS feed of the AVT blog for daily equipment, trend, and industry updates. So, do you really need to follow us on Twitter?

We think of AVTechnologyMag on Twitter as the table of contents for all of your daily technology reads. It offers an abridged edition of today’s breaking news so you can keep up with your day and keep on the ball, using the Twitter app on your Blackberry or iPhone. The Tweets offer brief descriptions with each link to give you a brief overview of all industry news and events, and help you decide in a split-second which links you need to click - all on a single page.

We post the highlights of our daily Web site updates, breaking news about upcoming product releases, blogs, information about conferences you don’t want to miss, professional discussion forums, contests, and cutting-edge features that keep you ahead of your competition.

AVTechnologyMag on Twitter offers the definitive list of the content you need to read today, to have be the most effective IT leader before lunchtime.

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Virginia Rubey is a New Orleans journalist. She holds a BA from Bryn Mawr College.

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