Teachers Speak About the Value of Classroom Tech

50 teachers who have won a AMCAM 860 document camera from Samsung Techwin America’s Electronic Imaging Division as part of the Samsung Techwin grant program have given their thoughts about the value of classroom tech.

  • Teachers were asked to express why the Samsung document camera would be an important addition to their classroom technology, while answering the question: “Turn off the lights; tell us what you see.”
  • “Many insightful submissions were received illustrating the creativity of today’s teacher and the passion they possess for the education of our children,” said Richard Bellomy, vice president of sales for the Electronic Imaging Division. “Here are just a few thoughts from some of those teachers.”
  • “It's a dark and gloomy day in the classroom, but students' minds are illuminated as they examine the strange artifact projected before them. Higher order thinking skills run rampant through excited discussions, and students work cooperatively to solve the mystery before them. They watch eagerly as a new piece is added to this strange and exhilarating puzzle; rarely have they been so happy to work so hard. Today, they're trying to identify a strange object; tomorrow they'll be looking at an example of writing to learn how to edit their own work. Every day is new with the SAMCAM 860.” – Michelle Lewis, Gordon Lee Middle School in Chickamauga, Georgia.
  • “Turn off the lights to see the details. Turn off the lights to see what you cannot imagine. Turn off the lights to see the possibilities. Turn off the lights to see the world. Turn off the lights to use the SAMCAM everyday to bring the small things to the bigger picture, reaching every learning style.” – Andrea Niesse, Divine Redeemer in Hanahan, South Carolina.
  • “The first thing I thought of when I saw this camera was Ancient Egypt. Many times students only have books with a limited number of pictures in them, but with this document camera I can look at more pictures in detail. The students and I will be able to see the details on the sarcaphagus and pin-point the different jars that contained the organs. We will be able to look at different mummies and see the difference in how they were mummified. The possibilities are endless!” – Meredith Hahn, VanDevender Middle School in Parkersburg, West Virginia.
  • “Document cameras help bridge the gap for students, providing more teachable moments, more authentic instruction, and the ability to historically capture class lessons.” – Michelle Cheasty, St. Rose High School in Belmar, New Jersey.
  • “I can only imagine the improvement I will see in students with special needs in the regular education classroom setting and helping to continue to make history come alive for everyone.” – Andrew Hicock, Troy Howard Middle School in Belfast, Maine.
  • “We started this grant program to help schools upgrade their technology tools to create a more visually stimulating learning environment to engage students and to improve their ability to learn,” said Bellomy. “I want to thank everyone for their submissions and innovative ideas on the use and value of the SAMCAM 860 in low-light conditions within the classroom.”
  • Please go to samsunggrants.com to view the list of this year’s winners.