Forssell Technologies Looks To Lectrosonics For Wintergrass Festival -

Forssell Technologies Looks To Lectrosonics For Wintergrass Festival

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RIO RANCHO, NM--Recognized as the largest indoor Bluegrass event in the world, this year's Wintergrass festival was held from February 22-25, 2007 at the Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center in Tacoma, WA. The annual event consistently presents an exceptional mix of performing artists-both national and regional. This year's festival included performances by Mike Marshall, Chris Thile, and Hamilton de Holanda-acknowledged globally as being among the leading mandolin players of our time. Marshall, Thile, and de Holanda's performance were recorded by Forssell Technologies, using Lectrosonics SM series transmitters and Venue receivers for backline wireless capability.

To capture the full-bodied sound of the instruments, Forssell deployed prototype sub-miniature cardioid microphones from DPA. These microphones were mounted on the instruments and then interfaced with the Lectrosonics SM transmitters. At the mix position, a Lectrosonics Venue receiver stocked with four channels delivered signal to the recording equipment.

Forssell noted that while each of the artists' instruments had internal pickups, this really wasn't seriously considered for the recording. "We wanted a sound quality that is better than what's possible with the internal pickups," said Forssell. "While there was some discussion about mounting the sub-miniature mics and running a direct line, this was also deemed unacceptable. It's one thing to unplug a quarter-inch connector, but the prospect of dealing with the more cumbersome XLR connector was not considered an option in the intensity of a live performance. The Lectrosonics wireless capability-with the small form factor of the SM series transmitter-makes the most sense for this type of situation. All the reports I've heard indicate Lectrosonics' technology produces a wired quality." For additional information visit


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