Integrators Guide to LED Screens

Integrators Guide to LED Screens
  • Identifying key trends and profit centers is an integral part of any AV integrator’s business, but it’s a job that often ends up in the “to-do” pile, untouched and forgotten.
  • As the market for technologies such as LED screens reaches higher into the billions of dollars every year, this is one segment that is impossible to ignore.

With help from Nanolumens, we have brought together three key informational pieces that show the key benefits of using LED technology in your installations, as well as how to secure greater profitability in executing them. You’ll see examples of how this technology has been deployed to great success and gather some useful tips for your own business.

It’s as Easy as L-E-D

This new white paper will bring you up to date on the markets for LED screens by identifying ongoing and emerging trends, and outlining why LED screens are the best choice for customers. The statistics will surprise you and inspire your next project.

IX Center Installation Video

The enormous IX Center in Cleveland may be one of the largest exhibition spaces in the world, but LED screens that defy expectations help make it a more intimate space while delivering messaging from critical to profitable and all points between. LED panels curve 360 degrees and fit in spaces in ways that excite the imagination and create a larger than life presence. Watch the video and see how it’s done.

NanoLumens I-X Center Case Study from Window Frame Productions on Vimeo.

Phoenix Case Study

Digital displays were a fantasy when Bulpitt Auditorium at Phoenix University first opened in 1939. The process of modernizing this historic space while preserving its Art Deco/Early Mid Century design aesthetic was a challenge, but a multi-department team that included an architect was able to do that and also restore its natural lighting with LED technology.