InFocus IN3138HD Projector Brings HD and 3D to Classrooms -

InFocus IN3138HD Projector Brings HD and 3D to Classrooms

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The What: As high-definition imagery becomes more common in living rooms and people’s pockets, students increasingly expect the same image quality in their classrooms; a trend InFocus Corporation is addressing with its just-released 1080p IN3138HD 3D projector.

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The Why: “These days many people are accustomed to watching everything in high-def, and unfortunately, when picture-quality isn’t as crisp and clear, they can tune out – especially kids,” said Benjamin Joy, InFocus product manager. “The IN3138HD projects up to 159-inches of clear, full 1080p HD content and supports 3D. That will hold their attention. With 4000 lumens and 5000:1 contrast ratio, the IN3138HD’s image looks bright, even with the room lights on, so it’s also great for conference rooms where it may not be appropriate to dim the lights.”

“Sometimes putting a bright, 1080p HD image in every class or conference room isn’t quite in the price-range for schools or businesses, especially if it’s networkable and does 3D. But the InFocus IN3138HD makes that superior quality affordable to organizations even on the tightest budgets,” continued Joy. “At InFocus, we know it’s important that people stay engaged during lessons and meetings so they can most effectively learn and collaborate; we’re optimistic the beautiful images that the IN3138HD projects will help people pay attention.”

The What Else: The IN3138HD supports multiple forms of 3D from sources like Blu-ray, video games, 3D broadcasting and NVIDIA 3DTV Play. It uses the latest Texas Instruments DLP Dark Chip 3 technology and also incorporates 3D Triple Flash technology, which gives a deeper, more immersive 3D experience.

One More Thing: The projector can be installed or remain portable given it weighs less than 7 pounds and can connect with several audio-visual set ups. In addition to HDMI and DisplayPort, the IN3138HD features two VGA inputs, composite video inputs and supports audio through RCA inputs and 3.5mm input and output ports. One can also connect the device to a network so that the IT manager can manage and control it remotely, like a printer.

The InFocus IN3138HD 1080p projector is available for purchase through authorized resellers and at in the U.S.


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