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POPAI Webinar/Digital Signage

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Digital signage is a method of marketing at-retail used to display multimedia content in public venues. Alternatively known as dynamic signage, electronic signage or narrowcasting, networks of digital signs have been deployed across numerous retail chains, banks, travel hubs and corporate headquarters to deliver informative and entertaining content to captive audience and passerby. The goal is to deliver targeted messages to specific locations at specific times.

This webcast is an introduction to digital signage designed to help newcomers see past the industry hype and focus on some of the projects and business cases that have been successful in the real world. Topics covered include:

· An introduction to the digital signage market with some basic market history and analysis;

· A look at some of the most common usage scenarios;

· An explanation of the components used in typical digital signage networks;

· A discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of using digital signage;

· An examination of some of the most common pitfalls and problems that occur, and ways to avoid them in the first place.

Join us on Thursday, June 12, 2008 at 1 p.m. EDT as Bill Gerba walks us through the basic components of Digital Signage.

Bill is co-founder and CEO of WireSpring Technologies, a retail media software and services company whose products have been used to remotely manage over 8,000 interactive kiosks and digital signs around the world. Today, he helps WireSpring deliver customer-centric kiosk and digital signage solutions.

This webcast series is sure to get you thinking about how to move forward with Digital Signage.

Registration is $50, and registration closes on Wednesday, June 11, 2008 at 5 p.m. EDT. Please note: Only one computer site sign-in is allowable per registration. Are you a member of POPAI? If not, and you join within 30 days of registering for our events you will receive the member rate. For more information visit our website and go to Membership.

For more information on POPAI products/services or to register, visit the calendar at www.popai.com.


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