Philly-Based Disco Biscuits Serve Up Jams With DiGiCo SD8s -

Philly-Based Disco Biscuits Serve Up Jams With DiGiCo SD8s

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PHILADELPHIA, PA—Seeing his group struggle with audio problems from poor sonic quality and limited input channels prompted the Disco Biscuits’ long-time production manager/FOH engineer Patrick Hutchinson to seek a better solution. Investigating all the digital options — with help and guidance from Eric Satre of the Colorado-based Dowlen Sound —led him to his first DiGiCo experience, and specifically to a pair of SD8s to handle the Philadelphia-based electronica-jam band’s FOH and monitoring requirements. Time saving, space saving, good sonic quality, and the feature set available with the SD8s made Hutchinson’s choice a sound one, not only from a technical perspective, but also from a creative one, too.

“I did a show with the band at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in May,” Satre explains, “and Hutchinson said they were unhappy with their current setup and were looking to go in a new direction. Hutchinson’s pretty specific about what he wants, so I arranged an SD8 demo for them in New York and they were very happy with it. I bought two consoles for them that very day. Since then, every time I talk to him — which isn’t very often because he’s a pretty self-contained unit — he’s got nothing but good things to say, and thinks it’s one of the best sounding digital consoles he’s ever heard. It does sonically sound far better than any other digital desk out there.”


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