DaVinci Fusion Brings Vision To Art-Meets-Tech Events

  • SAN JOSE, CA--DaVinci Fusion stepped up to the challenge of making a success of the first International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA) conference held in the US. Equally important was assuring a memorable debut of ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge, which showcased the work of some 200 artists from 24 countries.
  • ISEA called upon DaVinci Fusion's to create a conference that its-tech savvy and innovative attendees would remember. The creative team lifted the curtain on traditional convention staging, giving a behind-the-scenes studio feel to the main Parkside Hall venue at the San Jose Convention Center.
  • At the same time, the DaVinci team built out and managed the 80,000-square foot South Hall where most of the ZeroOne art exhibition was housed. Attracting attention in its own right was DaVinci Fusion's installation of seven 40x28x10-foot monoliths set in a staggered line down the hall. The monoliths, covered with black fabric up to a height of 16 feet and capped by white fabric, were hollow and illuminated from within. On the edge of each was a strip of vertical LED displaying ever-changing video of sky and clouds. When visitors entered the hall and looked down the line of monoliths their edges formed a uniform display revealing a constantly changing natural panorama. For more information visit www.davincifusion.com.