New Products: May 2013

New Products: May 2013

NanoLumens DS

NanoLumens DS technology is designed to give customers the ultimate flexibility to utilize largeformat LED display technology in ways previously thought impossible. Like all NanoLumens displays, design-specific displays are slim, lightweight, and eco-friendly, with brilliant edge-to-edge image quality to transform any space into the ultimate visual experience. All NanoLumens displays accept input from nearly any device and/or content management system. There is no need for special software, hardware, or special personnel to display content beautifully. With a profile of only a few inches, NanoSlim DS and NanoFlex DS can be installed on virtually any surface without being obtrusive. NanoLumens patented display technology produces bright, rich, consistent color with off-axis viewing that exhibits no color shift or image distortion throughout the display horizon.

L-Acoustics 5XT, SB15m

The newest and smallest member of L-Acoustics’ XT coaxial series, the 5XT is based on a two-way passive design with a nominal impedance of 16 ohms. The compact system contains a one-inch diaphragm compression driver coaxially loaded by a five-inch low-mid frequency transducer mounted in a bass-reflex tuned enclosure. The 5XT enclosure operates over a frequency range of 95Hz to 20kHz. The coaxial transducer arrangement produces a 110-degree axi-symmetric directivity output along with a smooth tonal response free of secondary lobes over the entire frequency range. The SB15m compact subwoofer features a single 15-inch driver in a bass reflex tuned enclosure to provide impact, sensitivity, low thermal compression, and reduced distortion. The vent features a progressive profile allowing laminar airflow and reduced turbulence noise even at the highest operating levels.

Elite Screens Kestral Stage

The Kestrel Stage series is a portable, freestanding, floor rising motorized front projection screen. It is appropriate for rental and staging or other commercial applications. The motorized screen is integrated into a sturdy wheeled stage case that has handles for easy transport and set-up. As an added value, a matching roadie flight-case with detachable velvet skirt is included to complete the arrangement. The flight-case combines with the cased-screen and skirt to create a professional-grade mobile projection display. The initial screen sizes are 100 or 120 diagonal inches in a 16:9 (HDTV) aspect ratio. The material is Elite’s Greenguard certified MaxWhite FG 1.1 gain material, which has wide diffusion uniformity for added performance versatility. The screen’s mechanized cross-rising apparatus is driven by a 17rpm, 130w tubular motor. Its 10nm torque provides high weight tolerance, in addition to a longer operational lifespan. Elite’s Kestrel Stage provides an in-line three-way switch.

Atlona AT-H2H-88M

The AT-H2H-88M 8x8 HDMI matrix switcher routes sources to displays, enabling devices to be shared in multiple spaces simultaneously. The Atlona H2H matrix switcher also simplifies multi-room distribution, making it easier for integrators to customize their installations cost-effectively. In addition, compatibility has been improved and the unit is now easier to upgrade. Atlona’s H2H-88 matrix switcher also supports up to eight zones, making it ideal for residential, compact commercial, or office spaces. Multiple control options are offered, including IR, RS-232, and TCP/IP. The H2H-88M includes built-in EDID management, which enables the almost immediate display of AV signals, resulting in live start-ups. EDID learning can be customized by integrators for any connected component while programmable EDID memory presets enable better component compatibility.

SurgeX Defender Surge+PDU

The SurgeX Defender Series Surge+PDU device couples patented multi-stage power protection and filtration inside a traditional PDU chassis. Typical UPS devices are sacrificial, offering no protection after absorbing a single catastrophic surge. The Defender Series combines non-sacrificial surge protection with a PDU device with IEC connections to protect IT datacenters against both devastating surges and everyday power quality issues.

Crestron DMPS-300-C-AEC

The DigitalMedia Presentation System 300 with Acoustic Echo Cancellation is the newest addition to Crestron’s family of all-in-one digital presentation solutions. The DMPS-300-C-AEC features full-bandwidth acoustic echo cancellation on each of its six mic inputs to filter out disruptive echoes from voice communications during teleconferencing calls. DMPS-300-C-AEC integrates directly with up to two audio or video codecs providing a total video conferencing system solution.

Wyrestorm AMP-001-010

Wyrestorm’s AMP-001- 010 is a patent-pending HDBaseT D-Class digital audio amplifier and all-in-one digital amplifier that combines the benefits of HDMI, HDBT, and local amplification; extracting stereo audio directly from the HDBT signal to enable amplification and access to the centralized AV input, audio return channel, and local audio inputs (providing local audio overlay), plus local 2.1-channel audio outputs at each location. Seven AMP’s can be cascaded (70-meter intervals), and when paired with Wyrestorm’s HDBT Pro matrices, creates a system of 56 displays—transmitting fully uncompressed HD AV, ethernet, power over cable, and control transmission, all via a single Cat-5e/6 cable.

Furman CN-15MP/CN-20MP

Designed for components outside the equipment rack, the CN- 15MP and CN-20MP miniports offer Furman’s SmartSequencing technology in compact form factors. These units feature one pair of AC outlets with configurable delay on/off, while extreme voltage shutdown circuitry protects connected equipment against under/ overvoltage conditions. The CN-15MP and CN-20MP also offer either 15 or 20 amp circuits. When connected to a Furman smart sequencer, equipment can be sequentially powered on/off across multiple zones with a simple button press or turn of a key. Remote control/monitoring is available via the BlueBOLT cloud-based platform or third-party control systems when utilizing a BB -RS232 adaptor with the SmartSequencer. The CN-15MP and CN-20MP can also be integrated with legacy and non-Furman power sequencers.

Altinex TNP124

The Altinex TNP124 Tilt ‘N Plug Jr. quadruplets interconnect box includes four Tilt ‘N Plug Jr. individual tower modules grouped together, with two interconnect units facing one direction and two facing the opposite direction. Available in both standard and custom configurations, the TNP124 and TNP124C interconnect boxes offer convenient, one touch access to a variety of video, audio, computer, network, and power connections. Each input plate provides computer video (15-pin HD), computer audio (3.5 mm Stereo Mini), modem (RJ11), and network (RJ45) input connections. Each unit also provides an AC power connection. The TNP124 ships with a matte black finish. The TNP124C can be customized with different connections and colors—with a comprehensive range of different connector options, all factory-configured and terminated. With both the TNP124 and TNP124C, each connector comes with a six-foot cable and is terminated appropriately for quick connections to one’s audio-visual system.

Matrox Maevex

Matrox Graphics’ Maevex 5100 Series video over IP solution enables the extension of full HD quality video over standard IP networks for digital signage, collaborative video walls, manufacturing and automation, process control, and many other applications. Maevex encoders and decoders capture, stream, and decode video from a variety of sources, and even allow for software-based decoding on non-Maevex devices. Maevex units come bundled with PowerStream software, allowing for remote management of Maevex devices and enabling a variety of user-defined stream-management features.

BenQ SH963

Equipped with native full HD 1080p resolution, the SH963 offers 6,000 lumens of brightness, flexible installation features, and Hollywood quality video (HQV), specifically designed to bring exciting AV experiences to large spaces at a lower total cost of ownership. The SH963 is equipped with a 50,000:1 contrast ratio and a native 16:9 aspect ratio with a full 1.07 billion-color palette. The projector’s dual-lamp design allows users to opt for maximum brightness or choose an eco-mode that extends lamp life by up to 30 percent. H+V lens shift technology gives users flexibility in projector placement, allowing the focal point of the lens to be adjusted in venues where dead-center placement isn’t possible.

Revolabs Executive HD MaxSecure

To provide optimal security in government, high-end boardroom, and large auditorium environments, Revolabs’ Executive HD MaxSecure eight-channel wireless microphone system and compatible microphones support the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256). Units can connect up to eight microphones with exceptional audio quality and link multiple units—up to 32 (Americas) or 40 (international) microphones per area. They also feature RS-232 or ethernet support, an intuitive LCD display for onsite configuration/control, and remote monitoring capabilities via available software.

PreSonus Sceptre

PreSonus’ Sceptre-series CoActual studio reference monitors deliver clarity and coherence that has previously only been available in ultra-high-end systems. The series includes two models. The Sceptre S8 CoActual studio monitor combines an eight-inch low/mid-frequency driver and a one-inch (25 mm), horn-loaded, high-frequency transducer into a single coaxial unit with aligned voice coils. The Sceptre S6 CoActual studio monitor’s coaxial speaker integrates a 6.5-inch low/mid-frequency driver and a one-inch (25 mm), horn-loaded, high-frequency transducer. Both models have acoustic ports. Sceptre monitors include controls that enable full integration into any studio environment. A four-position acoustic space switch controls a second-order shelving filter centered at 100 Hz, with four attenuation settings (no attenuation, -1.5 dB, -3 dB, and -6 dB). A high Pass switch sets the 12 dB/octave filter’s low-frequency cutoff to linear, 60 Hz, 80 Hz, or 100 Hz. A High-Frequency Driver adjust switch adjusts the tweeter’s overall level to linear (0 dB), +1 dB, -1.5 dB, or -4 dB. The sensitivity control ranges from +4 dBu to -10 dBV. All Sceptreseries monitors offer RF shielding, current-output limiting, over-temperature protection, and have internal power supplies with IEC connectors and power switches with on/off LEDs. An amplifier “soft start” feature eliminates popping on power-up.

Roland V1.5 for M-300 V-Mixer

Roland Systems Group (RSG) has introduced iPad control app and V1.5 software update for the M-300 V-Mixer console. The M-300 V-Mixer console is a core component of the V-Mixing System, providing mixing, effects, and external control of digital snake pre-amps, multi-channel recording, instant playback, and rehearsal. Some of the powerful new features packed into this free version update includes a new 31-band mono GEQ, an expanded group of library effects, cross-fade for scene changes and a detailed recall filter function that enables users to select which parameters to recall at a greater level of granularity. This new software also supports the Roland wireless LAN USB adapter enabling wireless connectivity between the M-300 iPad control app and the console. The iPad application is designed to control parameters of the M-300 allowing the user to store scenes and edit the channel strip (EQ), GEQ, and sends on fader. Using Wireless LAN to connect, users are able to adjust mixing parameters on stage or around the room, away from the M-300 positioned at the front of house. Other V1.5 operability enhancements include a channel display screen for DCA groups, the ability to disable more user settings, and a default guest startup mode to allow basic user functionality without admin level control. For monitoring, a dimmer function has been added and a lock out feature to disable the level knobs to prevent accidental monitor volume changes. The Roland M-300 Version 1.5 upgrade has improved the number of RS-232C control parameters ensuring that system installers, integrators, and users have access to more remote control functionality from touch panels, video devices, and software. Concurrent with this update is the announcement that all V-Mixers now include the ability to do multi-channel recording.

Audinate Dante Virtual Soundcard V3.2.0

Audinate has made enhancements to its Dante Virtual Soundcard software for Windows. The Dante Virtual Soundcard allows your PC or Mac to connect your favorite audio application directly to a Dante audio network. Dante Virtual Soundcard uses the standard ethernet port on a computer to communicate with a network of other Dante enabled devices; no special hardware is required. With the new Windows Driver Model (WDM) mode in V3.2.0, Dante Virtual Soundcard for Windows now adds support for applications such as iTunes, Windows Media Player, Skype, and others. PC users can play out or record audio from these applications with professional sound quality.

RP Visual RPMM-Matrix FlexRPVs RPMM-Matrix Flex mount is CNC laser cut from precision formed 3/16 black powder-coat welded steel. This heavy-duty steel fabricated mount can extend out from the wall up to 30, allowing an installer, service person, or end-user to physically get behind the mount for cable connecting and troubleshooting. Additionally, the mount articulates left and right to enhance the viewing experience and for ease of installation or service. The RPV RPMM Matrix Flex mount enables a large flat panel matrix to be firmly held in position and mounted on a load-bearing wall. If the wall is not able to hold the flat panel weight, custom H-Frames (steel slab-slab posts), floor stands, or overhead support structures are available as installation options. This mount is appropriate for two high 46-, 55-, and 60-inch flat panels. It can go up to four wide.


JBL ’s PRX415M and PRX412M passive portable loudspeakers offer the same performance and capabilities as the PRX412M and PRX415M, in a white finish that offers systems designers with another loudspeaker option to discreetly fit into various environments that require white loudspeaker systems. The PRX415M-WH and PRX412M-WH can be used as either floor monitors or for overhead suspension in a permanent installation application where white enclosures are desirable. As with all PRX400 series loudspeakers, they are designed to work hand in hand with Crown Audio’s XTi2 Series amplifiers. Crown XTi2 amplifiers incorporate enhanced pre-set performance tunings for PRX400 series loudspeakers, including crossover points for a sat/subwoofer setup, and optimized parametric filter. JBL PRX400 tunings are also available in the dbx DriveRack PA+ signal processor/complete loudspeaker management system.

Black Box iCOMPEL

Black Box’s iCOMPEL platform is an integrated hardware/software platform for creating and managing professional SMB signage. iCOMPEL comes with free software updates and free, 24/7 technical support for a lower total cost of ownership than similar products on the market. The latest evolution of the iCOMPEL line includes a new, more intuitive user interface for easier layout, design, playlist, and scheduling control. With this improvement, the software greatly simplifies digital signage management by non-technical users.

Kramer VS808TP

Kramer Electronics’ VS808TP 8X8 twisted pair matrix switcher for analog twisted pair signals features eight inputs and eight outputs for remote connection with compatible TP transmitters and receivers. The switcher is designed to work with the auto-adjusting TP133/TP134 transmitter/ receiver pair. An additional, switchable VGA, stereo audio, and RS232 local input (built-in transmitter) and output (built-in receiver) allows direct connection of the signals (analog video up to WUXG A, audio and RS232) with these compatible units. The VS808TP is designed especially for presentation and multimedia installations where a high level of control possibilities are required from extended distances. The unit routes and distributes signals both from a local and/or remote source, at extended ranges of up to 200m (656ft). Using Kramer’s TP133 and TP134 transmitter/ receiver pair with a standard Cat-5 cable automatically makes the system equalize and de-skew the signal for different cable lengths. The two-line LCD display of the VS808TP shows separate routing information of video, audio, or RS232 signals. The unit is controlled via its front panel buttons, RS232, RS485, and ethernet.


OWI has introduced a combination UL Energy Star power supply and selfamplified speaker system for schools, hotels, conference rooms and training rooms. These combo systems come in either black or white. By placing the amplifier within inches of the speaker, maximum damping control of the speaker due to low source impedance is achieved. The result is optimum high fidelity reproduction and response without an external amplifier. With up to 25w of class AB power delivered directly to the speaker, OWI’s self-amplified speakers are powerful enough to drive additional non-amplified speakers like the model number P602 available in black or white. The two speaker combination is AMPLV6022.

Aphex Microphone XAphex’s Microphone X is a high-quality cardioid condenser USB microphone, which comes complete with integrated analog processing, including optical compression and Aphex’s Aural Exciter and Big Bottom, and HeadPod 4 technology. The Microphone X is configured to put all of the key analog processing used for recording the voice before the conversion to digital. And all of this processing power is controllable, with input trim, headphone output level and individual controls for the Aural Exciter and Big Bottom levels. Each of the processors has its own on/off control. Users record a perfectly optimized signal right into their DAW via USB. No other USB microphone combines this feature set.


The GV-LS2 and GV-LS1 combine the video performance of a top-quality conventional camcorder with the unmanned capabilities of a high-end security camera and roll them into a compact device with Wi-Fi and remote control. The JVC GV-LS2 and GV-LS1 pan/tilt/ zoom operation can be controlled remotely from a PC or smart device, and is quiet compared to gear-driven mechanisms. This silent operation in the GV-LS2 is achieved through the use of low-noise DD motors to move the camera, while the GV-LS1 pans/tilts/zooms electronically. Android and iOS apps for remote operation are available for free download. At the heart of both models is a 1/2.3 12.4 megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor and JVC’s FALCONB RID high-speed image processing engine, which allows full HD quality to be maintained even when only part of the entire image is used for lossless image stabilization or pan/tilt (GV-LS1). The GV-LS1 maintains full HD resolution at up to 2x zoom, but is capable of up to 4x electronic zoom. The GV-LS2 offers 10x optical zoom. Besides HD streaming, both models offer full HD quality AVCHD video recording onto an inserted memory card. In addition to an internal stereo microphone, there’s a mic input for connecting an external microphone.

AOPEN OpenSignAOPEN’s OpenSign is a powerful, web based interactive digital marketing and signage platform for Android devices that allows retailers to easily install and manage a digital signage network. OpenSign is purpose-built for different screen sizes, such as retail shelf displays and large promotional displays. It lets store-owners actively manage digital content, without design experience, from any PC connected to the web. It also eliminates costly printing and the logistics of placing prints in the store, as well as enabling realtime offers and promotions to be run. Being cloud based, Open- Sign can be easily integrated across multiple devices and platforms, including mobile devices. It also features local redundancy, meaning that content can still be displayed even if internet connection is lost. OpenSign is Android-based, built using the same web application framework that powers websites such as Twitter and yellowpages. com. It’s delivered globally with Rackspace who are a premium provider of global data centers. OpenSign represents a full digital signage ecosystem including: the OpenSign platform, dedicated devices and expert service. It can be used stand-alone or to complement existing signage networks. Its plug-in based API architecture allows integration with third party devices and applications including existing CMS and e-commerce systems.

BenQ M7 Series

BenQ’s M7 series were designed for education and other largevenue settings. The product line, comprised of the MX720, MW721, MX722, MX766, and MW767 features up to 4,200 ANSI lumens of brightness, contrast ratios extending to 13,000:1, and powersaving technology to cut energy consumption by up to 70 percent. Additionally, the projectors feature LAN control for maintenance, complete multimedia connectivity options, and thoughtful innovations in higher models, such as USB camera integration and remote desktop capabilities to facilitate classroom management, wireless display for cable-free connections, and projection templates to make presentations easier. With 3,500 (MX720 and MW721), 4,000 (MX722 and MX766), and 4,200 (MW767) ANSI lumens of light, the projectors offer brightness within any ambient light setting. The projectors feature XG A (MX720, MX722, and MX766) and wider WXG A (MW721 and MW767) native resolutions, built-in 10W or 20W speakers, and a six-segment color wheel.

BTX Net Display Systems PADS4BTX Technologies’ is offering PADS4, Net Display Systems (NDS) next-generation digital signage software. PADS4 is the successor to the PADS Professional software and offers restyled and enhanced applications, simplified installation, and streamlined processes. To increase productivity and reduce the learning curve for using PADS4, the digital signage softwares applications have been restyled to the latest Microsoft Office type of user interface. In addition, PADS Designer has been enriched with new items, including a content organizer system, which is automatically synchronized across the entire PADS installation, while the PADS Scheduler application has received a new calendar view. The performance of PADS Viewer has been improved to play out presentations more smoothly, and features the ability to combine different view types within one package. Users no longer need to purchase multiple signage solutions if the requirements vary from simple to complex content. PADS4 allows users to easily incorporate interactivity into their signage system using touch-screens, RFID, barcodes, QR codes, and face recognition.

Crestron TSW-550

Crestron’s 5-inch TSW-550 is the newest and smallest addition to its Core 3 UI powered family of smartphone and tablet-styled touchscreens. High-resolution graphics and bright colors bring Core 3 UI graphics to life with this next generation of dynamically rich user interfaces for controlling the home or commercial environment. Featuring a spectacular ultra-bright display, capacitive touch screen technology, PoE, H.264 streaming video, and edge-to-edge glass, TSW-550 provides a stunning interactive automation experience. The TSW family provides the same high performance control as larger touchscreens, with a consistent, elegant look.

Clear-Com V-Series, E-MADI CardClear-Com has unveiled two additions to its Eclipse digital matrix intercom family, including a new line of V-Series rotary panels and the Eclipse MADI (E-MADI) card. The new V-Series rotary panels provide users with optimal control over audio level adjustments while the E-MADI card supplies 64 MADI channels per card from the Eclipse-Median or Omega digital matrix frames to achieve higher levels of connectivity during production. The addition of the V-Series rotary panels to the existing V-Series pushbutton and lever key panels presents broadcasters with a range of user control key panel options. When using the new V-Series rotary panels, site technicians and the production team can quickly and independently adjust system audio levels from one or more audio sources, including external lines, partylines, and intercom from other local and remote control panels. They also support faster and easier audio mixing for IFB assignments, enabling a more efficient production workflow in the fast-paced broadcast environment. Designed in a 6RU form like the other frame cards for the Eclipse-Omega and Eclipse-Median, the E-MADI provides connection with standard MADI devices. The E-MADI card offers full user set-up and can be configured through the Eclipse Configuration Software (ECS) to supply up to 64 full channels of digital four-wire connectivity per card. E-MADI cards are used to route talent and other incoming feeds across the intercom system for monitoring and the insertion of IFB.

Bretford Library 2.0

Bretford Manufacturing has introduced a new line of library furniture that offers a complete solution for the modern digital media center. The Library 2.0 Line is more than shelving, but rather a full range of seating, tables, and desks, as well as the company’s new flagship FOSTER series circulation desk and EXPLORE teaming table. These products incorporate built-in power, technology, and comfort to fill the need for interaction in today’s dynamic digital age library. Library 2.0 includes the enhancement of Bretford’s traditional library offering with the addition of technology-enabled products that are both powered and mobile, so places, people and information can move while still staying connected. Along with the furniture, Bretford is also providing a new Library Specification Guide that offers all the information needed to completely re-outfit a library. The combination of the products and guide give architects, designers and facility planners everything they need to update a library through a single source.

FSR iPad Accessories

FSR has introduced new accessories for the popular iPad tablet; a secure wall holder and a PoE to USB charger. Engineered for strength, but designed for elegance, the holder mounts to a standard two-gang wall box and provides an attractive, safe, and secure method to mount an iPad to a wall in either landscape or portrait mode. The tasteful housing features curved edges, no visible hardware, and is available in white, silver, and black. The iPad holder is compatible with the iPad 2 and the new iPad, and is available with or without access to the home button and camera to fit any application requirements. Charge the iPad with the new USB to PoE module. The module meets the Apple iPad charging standards and can be used stand alone, with a table box, or with the iPad holder. It can easily fit inside the two-gang box behind the iPad mount for a clean installation.

Delta WX21, WX31

Delta Products’ WX21 and WX31 WideXtreme megapixel displays provide high-resolution images for a variety of visualization applications. The WX21 and WX31, two new members to Deltas WideXtreme Series, offer complete solutions that can be assembled in under an hour and calibrated using Mersive’s auto-calibrating Sol software. WX displays also take up very little space, so they are suitable for conference rooms, classrooms, offices, tradeshow booths, and any space-constrained environment where large, high resolution, seamless displays are desired. In addition to integrating Mersive’s Sol software, the WX series displays are also the first displays to ship with Mersive’s Solstice software, a revolutionary new application that allows multiple users to access and share the display simultaneously using laptops and mobile devices over an existing IP network.

Gefen KVM Extenders

Three new solutions from Gefen: the HDMI KVM over IP; DVI KVM over IP; and VGA KVM over IP extenders, all provide an effective way to extend peripherals over Cat-5 cable to access computer video, audio, and control from any room within the LAN. High definition video resolution up to 1080p is supported using the same Cat-5 cable with additional benefit of sending two channels audio, microphone in/out, USB, RS-232, and IR. Once installed, sender and receiver units connect to each other using one Cat-5 cable or through the ethernet switch. The sender and receiver units can be rack mounted or simply placed as desktop units. The receiver provides KVM functionality with audio using the same network. Two USB ports support computer peripheral connectivity at the receiver unit side. All three extenders’ video formats (VGA, DVI, HDMI) can be interchanged between sender and receiver units over the same network, allowing an easy method of multi-format system integration. Each sender can also connect to multiple receivers when set into the broadcast mode to deliver the same source to multiple destinations. Up to 16 senders and receivers can be used in a single networked system. For advanced users, sender and receiver units can be configured to unique IP addresses.

Crimson Kiosk Display Stand

Crimson has introduced a new kiosk display stand designed to resolve interactive display stability, security, and visibility concerns. The SU65 Kiosk Display Stand features a universal design, variable tilt angles, and a flat, stationary base, making it an appropriate solution for interactive commercial displays up to 65-inches. SU65 is VESA compatible and was designed to be easily assembled by a single installer. Included is a pre-sorted hardware pack and integrated cable management. An optional tempered glass or metal shelf can be installed below the display if needed.

Adaptive Technologies StarGrid

Adaptive Technologies’ StarGrid overhead mounting system is specifically developed for clustering ceilingmounted cinema speakers. This new system, which supports the latest ceiling speaker formats found in movie theaters, is designed to reduce the cost of multichannel surround sound installations. Adaptive has developed a complete beam-to-speaker design that allows the StarGrid system to be easily retrofitted into almost any theater space. This system comes with a variety of components that accommodate most building materials and structures, including trusses, beams, pipes and channels. Further design considerations take wire management, sound isolation, and seismic conditions into account. Adaptive offers a variety of adjustable speaker mounts that accommodate standard cinema speaker models, including those produced by Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW), Electro-Voice, JBL Professional, Klipsch, Meyer Audio and QSC Audio. For this customized solution, Adaptive can provide the installer with a complete ceiling grid design based on facility drawings that include dimensioned drawings for installation, a bill of materials, working load and safety factors, as well as auditorium-specific recommendations. Theater owners need only provide Adaptive with the drawings (preferably CAD files) of the facility and the placement of any acoustic wall treatment. Adaptive then creates the installation design for installers to follow, detailing the exact location of the ceiling speakers and the grid components that support them.

IC Realtime Control4 DriversIC Realtime’s Control4 Pure ethernet drivers deliver picture previewing and streaming video in Control4 environment, thus eliminating the need for costly 3rd party video encoders, granting a lower bottom line for a higher level of integration. Drag-and-drop setup makes for fast-andeasy configuration. The drivers, developed by Extra Vegetables, bring enhanced functionality to the recorders in the Control4 environment, namely picture previewing and streaming video.

NUGEN Audio LM-Correct

NUGEN Audio has released a new stand-alone version of its LM-Correct loudness analysis and correction tool, which was originally only available as an AudioSuite plug-in. For the first time, LM-Correct is available as a file-based program, taking its speed and simplicity beyond the Avid digital audio workstation (DAW) environment.LM-Correct provides EBU R128|ATSC A/85 (CALM Act)-compliant loudness correction with unmatched simplicity, giving users a rapid two-click solution for loudness normalization and conformance. Part of NUGEN Audio’s range of innovative and easy-to-use loudness correction tools, LM-Correct is a faster-thanreal- time tool that calculates and corrects for Integrated Program Loudness and short-term maximum loudness. Uniquely, LM-Correct includes an internal true-peak limiter, which transparently takes care of any intersample peaks. LM-Correct’s settings include presets for current loudness standards, short-term loudness, overall integrated program loudness measurement and correction, maximum true-peak level targeting, and “EBU mode.” The software also supports mono through 5.1 audio.

Epson VS220, VS320

Epson’s VS-series projector models are designed to provide small businesses with high-brightness at low costs. The VS220 and VS320 offer SVGA and XG A resolution respectively and deliver high performance with 2,700 lumens of color brightness and 2,700 lumens of white brightness, as well as HDMI connectivity for high-quality audio and video with one cable. The VS220 and VS320 offer easy-to-use connectivity and control features, including USB plug and play for instantly projecting video and audio from a PC or Mac computer via a USB connection, as well as automatic vertical keystone correction for easy image alignment and fast setup. The VS320 offers a horizontal slide control bar for enhanced image correction, allowing for a rectangular image from any angle, as well as an AV mute slide, which stops the sound and picture to allow for a quick pause in the presentation. The VS models also feature direct power on and off for wall switch power control and instant off.

Matrox Avio F125

Matrox Graphics’ Avio F125 is a fiberoptic KVM extender which separates dual HD video, keyboard, mouse, stereo analog audio, and USB 2.0 devices from a workstation. Avio F125 features flexible connectivity options. Its transmitter/receiver pair extends two single-link DVI or one dual-link DVI video, and multiple high-speed USB 2.0 compliant devices from the host computer by up to 400m (1,312ft) over multimode cable and 4km (2.5mi) over singlemode cable. Avio F125 transmits all signals with zero compression and zero latency on a single duplex LC-LC fiber-optic cable. Designed for high-performance environments, Avio F125 delivers fluid graphics and video playback making it appropriate for broadcast, post production, pro AV, industrial process control, oil and gas, 3D design and visualization, and military environments.

Gepco HydroBlocGepco’s HydroBloc Water-Resistant Cables are UL rated and in compliance with the TIA-455-82-B water penetration test. The new line of HydroBloc cables is suitable for indoor/outdoor applications and for use in wet locations inside conduit. HydroBloc cables feature an advanced water-blocked construction, a sunlight- and moisture-resistant jacket, and a ripcord for ease of stripping for audio/control versions. The advanced water-block construction of HydroBloc cables starts with a two-ply water-blocking tape for superior protection. In contrast to one-ply tape in which water-blocking polymer is attached to one side of a fiber filament tape, the two-ply tape has the waterblocking polymer sandwiched between two fiber filament tapes, which allows for increased volume of the polymer. In addition, HydroBloc cables (with the exception of coax versions) utilize water-swellable fillers for added protection. This construction results in greater swell heights to better fill any voids and prevent water from migrating down the cable and disrupting any electrical characteristics should there be a cut or slit in the jacket. The HydroBloc line comes in a variety of cable types, in both shielded and unshielded versions, to cover an array of applications, such as data or power control, multi-pair audio, general purpose audio, speaker, communications, power-limited circuits (fire alarm and tray cable), low-voltage industrial process control, CATV, and HDTV.

Yorktel VideoCloudYorktel’s VideoCloud video conferencing services portfolio is an enterprise-class, cloud-based service portfolio for video conferencing. Yorktel VideoCloud enables customers to leverage Yorktel’s hosted video infrastructure in lieu of purchasing costly systems or to augment existing internal capabilities. VideoCloud is carrier network and device agnostic, and allows for multiple levels of connectivity ranging from standard H.323/ SIP video conferencing rooms, desktop and mobile conferencing clients to Lync Federation and telepresence systems interoperability. Yorktel VideoCloud supports full integration with Microsoft Lync and Office 365. Users on any Microsoft Lync clients, including enterprise on-premise Lync server or Microsoft Office 365, can use VideoCloud to connect to video conferencing systems from Cisco, Polycom, Avaya (Radvision), Lifesize, and other vendors. The Yorktel VideoCloud Services Portfolio provides three models, each of which offers a distinct solution that addresses the inherent challenges of videoconferencing hindering organizations of all sizes.


Atlona’s latest HDMI extenders feature HDBaseT technology. Specifically engineered for maximum HDBaseT performance, the extenders provide signal transmission to a distance of up to 328 feet (100 meters). Both the AT-HDTX-RSNET (transmitter) and AT-HDRX-RSNET (receiver) also provide bi-directional control with ethernet, RS-232, and IR remote control for compatibility with third-party control systems. Using power over category cable (PoCc), AV, IR, RS-232, and power can now be sent over a single category cable. The new RSNET family of HDMI extenders features locking HDMI ports, USB ports for in-field firmware updates, and captive screw connectors for IR, RS-232, and RJ45 ethernet connectors. Resolutions up to 4Kx2K and CEC pass-through are also supported by the devices. Along with 3D, the RSNET family transmits all embedded audio signals, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Convenient captive-screw terminations for control and power (24 vdc on HDTX and PoCc on HDRX) offer more reliable connections and help reduce wire bundles for cleaner-looking racks. For easy installation, the extenders are also available with dual-purpose rack and wallmount ears.

Four Audio DBS1, DB01

Audinate and OEM partner Four Audio have launched two new products. The first is a called the DBS1, a two channel breakout box built on Audinate’s new Dante Ultimo solution. Its metal housing is smaller than 9.5-inches and features two balanced symmetrical analog inputs with programmable sensitivity, switchable 48V phantom power, a low cut filter, and 118dB dynamic range. The two balanced analog outputs deliver 14dBu maximum output. Four Audio has also added two new configurations to its DBO1 breakout box. The DBO1 is a Dante enabled breakout box providing 8 analog output channels and optional four AES outputs. The new configuration will offer four balanced symmetrical analog inputs from -46 to +14dBu and either 48V phantom power or ICP constant current supply. The DBO1 with ICP supply is ideally suited for industrial measurement applications with many widely distributed sensors. It enables to connect measurement microphones, piezo transducers, and accelerometers, to a sensor network over ethernet, allowing remote measurements over large distances.

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