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A Constellation of Sound

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The problem with sound is that its quality is inherently dependent upon the room in which it is placed. Put big speakers into a small concrete and drywall box and it will sound different then placing those same speakers into a huge concert venue that is acoustically treated. Add to it the differences in quality and performance depending on how you are using each room and you will see just how different things can sound.

Enter Meyer Sound and their incredible Constellation system. It's based on the concept of allowing you to transform the room by modifying the reverb, absorption, etc without using architectural features and physical treatments. Now I know that this isn't a new product, but this is the first time I've really been able to experience it in person, and let me tell you, it's a really impressive product on the paper but is an absolutely mind blowing product when experienced in person!

Most people look at using DSP in their signal chain to provide them with the different sounds within their facilities in addition to a vast amount of architectural features and physical treatments, but that only goes so far. It doesn't allow you to utilize the facility for different types of uses and provide the proper reverb settings (and the like) for each different use. This is where the Meyer Constellation system has exceeded all expectations and actually messed with my mind.

A quick breakdown on how it works: by utilizing microphones placed throughout the facility and speakers also placed throughout the facility, the system is able to create custom sound fields and reverb/reflections to create the sound of a bigger space. This is all done live and in real-time by constantly measuring the sound in the room and creating the desired soundfield. It's completely crazy how good this system is. During the demo, the presenters weren't using any mics at all, allowing Constellation to create and add to the sound in the space. It was a night and day difference between when the presenter had the system on and when he shut it off.

Where the system really shined was when they brought up a singer (a finalist from Season 2 of American Idol) to allow the system to really show off. She started off singing with the Constellation system turned off and then continued to sing as the system changed the room to create a jazz club type atmosphere, and then finally a medium format concert hall. Check out the video below to really see how incredible effective this system is. And keep in mind, she's singing without the aid of any EQ on her voice; it's completely raw as she's not mic'd!


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