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Goodbye Acoustic Dimensions, Hello Acoustic Distinctions

Goodbye Acoustic Dimensions, Hello Acoustic Distinctions

In a move that's seen Acoustic Dimensions split into three independent firms, Acoustic Dimensions has been renamed as Acoustic Distinctions. According to the new website, the additional firms include Idibri in TX, and Idibri in the UK.

Describing the new brand identity, David W. Kahn, founder and president, stated, "Rebranding [Acoustic Distinctions] is much more than a new name, logo, and website. It communicates our commitment to continuity, enhancing the end-user experience, and addressing those elements that ultimately bring distinction to spaces and the people that use them."

According to the company, Acoustic Distinctions has long been known for its service-oriented project approach and design collaboration excellence in serving arts, media, corporate, government, worship, and education projects.

  • Vice president and project principal, Ron Eligator shared, "We see this as a great opportunity to reinforce our role as an integrated design partner in looking at all design systems together to make sure they work in harmony with each other. We bring greatest value to those projects that carry distinctive challenges and a need for heighted levels of scrutiny and engagement."
  • The New Rochelle office will continue to be the center of the firm's practice and maintain involvement on projects world-wide with strengthened regional presence with satellite offices in New York City and Lancaster, PA.
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