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The Medium Is The Message

The Medium Is The Message

To distribute digital signage over coax, an HD encoder/RF modulator converts the output of a digital signage player into an HDTV channel. That channel is broadcast over coaxial cabling, and tuned in by HDTV tuners built into the displays—no set top boxes required. Since each media player/modulator pair has its own channel, any HDTV can tune in any player’s output and display its messaging.

This distributed system using HD encoder/modulators and coax saves money three ways when compared to a typical player-at-display system.

Binga’s Stadium sports bar in Portland, ME, uses ZeeVee ZvPro 250 to distribute HD video and digital signage content over coax.
Save On Implementation

Player-at-display system: By placing a media player at each display, it’s possible to deliver unique messaging to each. However, typically several displays will share messaging, meaning they could also share a player, but that savings isn’t realized because the system architecture requires a player at each display.

Distribution via coax: Using encoder/ modulators and coax, one player can serve an unlimited number of displays by broadcasting its output to all of them as a unique HDTV channel. Additional players are assigned their own HDTV channels, allowing all players to serve all displays.

Save On Expansion

Player-at-display system: Adding six displays requires six new players, and home runs of cabling to each new display.

Distribution via coax: Using coax, the six new displays may receive their messaging from existing players, meaning no additional expense for media players. Wiring the new displays means splitting the nearest cable run, and adding lengths of coax as needed.

Save on Maintenance Costs

Player-at-display system: In a hightraffic location service work on a player located at a display is either disruptive to business, or done after hours at greater expense. That display may be dark until repairs are made, adding soft costs.

Distribution via coax: Players in the coax system can live in a back room, where service work is less costly. The display associated with the failed player can be switched to another channel, eliminating downtime.

These savings make distributing digital signage over coax a compelling solution. In an installation where coax cabling is already in place (virtually eliminating wiring costs), its value is remarkable.

Vic Odryna is CEO of ZeeVee.