Advanced AV Earns ISC-F Certification

WEST CHESTER, PA—To show its dedication to the advancement of the audio-visual industry and its client base, two Advanced AV employees, Dennis Drass and Rob Palandro, have received ISF-C certification. “The ISF-C certification, as with other certifications, is important to the AV industry because it establishes standards and practices related to video imaging,” says Dennis Drass, Field Technician, Advanced AV, West Chester, PA.

“Advanced AV is always committed to excellence, and sees the value in spending time and money on educating our employees,” says Drass. This certification ensures that end-users will get top quality service from their Advanced AV integrator as well as gain peak performance from their equipment. “Customers are becoming more and more sensitive to video quality due to the mainstreaming of home theater and accessibility to top end displays for the home,” says Rob Palandro, Field Technician, Advanced AV, West Chester, PA. “As a result we in the AV industry have a tougher job of ‘wow-ing’ people with our systems – learning how to calibrate a system so it operates at its full potential goes a long way to making that happen.”

This extensive ISF Commercial training covered various display technologies, such as, LCD, DLP, and plasma and the advantages and disadvantages of those technologies. The certification process also covered how to calibrate the displays to attain optimum performance.

  • “Most display technologies only look so-so out of the box, but the ISF-C course taught us how to make them look great,” says Drass. “That makes a huge difference for a client, and gives them the most bang for their buck!” The ISF-C certification provides clients with confidence that they're getting the very best performance from their AV system.
  • Rob attended the ISF-C certification training at Panasonic in North Jersey and Dennis took the class at InfoComm’s headquarters in Fairfax, VA. “The ISF-C certification is just one of many examples of Advanced AV's commitment to providing our customers with the most knowledgeable and experienced staff,” says Palandro. To continue to provide expert quality to Advanced AV’s clients, Drass and Palandro both plan to continue their professional education.


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