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The Future of LED-LCD Panels, Today

  • David Keene– We’ve all seen the rise of LED-backlit LCD panels. Is this the future? Are there different kinds of LED-LCD? Is it right for every application? How does t do on energy consumption? These and other issues will be addressed today, Wednesday, in the Webinar (free to attend) I’m moderating, at 2pm EST.
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Presenting will be Sanju Khatri, Director, Digital Signage & Public Information Displays, iSuppli Corporation. Since joining iSuppli in 2001, Sanju Khatri has become one of the industry’s leading authorities on signage, professional, and projection displays. Her research coverage spans a diverse range of application markets, including hotel TV, retail signage/billboard, conference room, education, transportation, control room/simulation, financial exchange, rental/staging, and outdoor events.

Also presenting: Rachel Karnani, Product Manager, NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc. Rachel Karnani, Product Manager at NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc., is responsible for the full gamut of large-format LCD display product marketing, including market analysis, pricing and inventory issues, as well as interfacing with the sales and channel marketing teams.