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Elite StarlingTension

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The StarlingTension Series from Elite Screens features an enhanced aluminum casing with floating installation brackets for added versatility in an installation.

Elite's StarlingTension screen.

Its stylish arcuate profile was designed to enhance the flow of interior décor. It uses Elite’s 1.1 gain Spectra White FG material with a quiet and power saving synchronous motor. The Starling electric projection screen ships fully assembled with integrated control buttons on the end-cap in addition to a complete set of infrared and radio frequency remotes, a 12-volt trigger and RS232 port.

The StarlingTension is available in a range of sizes including 100 inches, 120 inches, 135 inches, and 150 inches in a 16:9 HDTV format through the CE retail channel.

The team at Elite Screens introduced the StarlingTension to take the original Starling product to the next step with an enhanced option.


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Elite Screens Insta-DE2

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Elite Adds Instant Rear Projection Material

  The Insta-RP pliable rear projection material. Cerritos, CA-- Elite Screens has announced its Insta-RP pliable rear projection material. “It is the ideal product for converting ordinary window space into a full video presentation,” said David Rodgers, marketing manager, Elite S