Trinity College Football Comes in Loud and Clear with Community

  • HARTFORD, CT--Founded in 1823, Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut is one of the oldest colleges in the state, second only to Yale University. And their football team is one of the oldest in America, having made their first kickoff in 1877.
  • But despite one of the best records in NCAA football, until recently the team's stadium was lacking when it came to good sound. A small, underpowered portable PA system left most of the fans scratching their heads over the announcements from the press box, and music had all the power and punch of an ancient transistor radio.
  • This year, fans and players alike were treated to an audio upgrade, as Newington, Connecticut-based CMI Sound Systems installed a pair of Community R2 full-range three-way loudspeakers mounted on top of the stadium's scoreboard. The difference is nothing short of phenomenal, says CMI's John Pizzoferrato.
  • "The R2 was a very practical solution, first and foremost," says Pizzoferrato. "It's one of the only systems that's powerful enough to cover the entire field, so we knew we would only need two of them atop the scoreboard. But it's also the only system that can withstand our New England winters, and that's equally important in an exposed environment like this one."
  • Pizzoferrato reports the new system has already made an impression. "The crowd is happy because they can finally hear the announcements, and the system is really musical too, especially the low frequency response. And the AV crew is even happier, because they no longer have to set up the system before every game."