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DiGiCo’ Releases Stealth Core 2

DiGiCo’ Releases Stealth Core 2
  • DiGiCo has released Stealth Core 2 software as an upgrade to the Stealth Digital Processing for its SD series digital mixers.

Stealth Core 2 delivers enhanced processing from the audio core of DiGiCo SD series consoles, taking the range to a new level in terms of both processing channels and functionality.

Available as an upgrade option for existing users and shipping as standard on new consoles, Stealth Core 2 includes an application code upgraded that delivers significantly enhanced facilities, future-proofing SD series consoles and continuing to keep DiGiCo a step ahead.

Customers have already seen the many benefits Stealth Core 2 delivers, including an updated user experience, which includes a brand new graphic interface on console screens, upgraded FPGA power delivering enhanced processing, full Dynamic EQ, DiGiTuBes and MB Dynamics on every channel and buss.

“The release of Stealth Core 2 to the SD lineup of consoles is further proof of the forward thinking of DiGiCo design,” said Tom Butson, Senior ACS / Product Design at CLAIR Global / Lititz. “To see a digital desk we've owned for a number of years still expanding its channel, buss and overall feature set is amazing. DiGiCo sticks by its customers and listens to what they need. The architecture of the SD consoles allows DiGiCo the flexibility and expansion to meet those needs.”

"The software upgrade was shockingly stress-free and works like a charm,” said Jason Kirschnick, Chief Operations Officer - International Operations at Eighth Day Sound. “It puts more of everything I need now under the hood of my SD5, the revised look is more modern and easier on my eyes, and the upgraded channel count is now mandatory. The SD5 is currently the best console out there and clear to me that this is the console to beat moving forward."

“The main thing for us is the gain in I/O capability,” said David Brazeau from Canada’s Solotech. “For instance, we have a client that was asking for an SD10; we proposed him an SD8 and they gladly accepted. The buss count did not do enough in 7.60, but with Core 2, we basically doubled the aux busses, which became ideal in the IEM/wedges combinations. The other great thing is the increase in FX and dynamics. We will update all our consoles and are looking forward to the new Q7 engine for the SD7.”

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