Data Projections Launches DPI Connect App

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Data Projections, Inc. has launched an app, “DPI Connect,” which will allow quick and easy access for customers to request support.

The app was designed to heighten the client experience and to provide a higher level of customer service. All inquiries will be filtered into a case management system for tracking.

In its initial version, the app functions as a reference for location information, sales inquiries, social media access and most importantly, service requests. The plan is to develop the app further as a catalog of solutions and services.

“We are continually exploring ways to eliminate barriers and to make it easier to communicate and collaborate with our clients. With one touch, this app is helping our clients stay simply connected to our team of service and sales professionals,” said Robby Turner, executive vice president.

The customer service app can be downloaded to iOS or Android devices via the iTunes App Store and Google Play by searching “Data Projections.”


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