Lab.gruppen Powers Open Door Church Services -

Lab.gruppen Powers Open Door Church Services

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As a former parishioner at Herndon, VA’s Open Door Presbyterian Church (ODPC), Michael Yoo, Senior System Engineer of design/install firm, Genesis Technology, was intimately acquainted with the church’s needs when he specified Lab.gruppen amplifiers for the ODPC’s new sound system.

Although ODPC’s Korean and English Language congregations have grown together and shared the same sanctuary since the establishment of the Herndon campus in 2002, they’ve always worshipped apart. Over time, as the English congregation grew, it became necessary to construct a building solely for their use.

“The English services are very contemporary and feature a full praise band and a pastor who moves around a lot to interact with the congregation, so they required a more powerful system,” Yoo explained.

To meet their needs, Yoo specified and installed a rig featuring Martin Audio W8C loudspeakers powered exclusively by Lab.gruppen Contractor Series amplifiers; two Lab C 48:4s for the mains, two C 24:4s for delay speakers, and a pair of C 16:4s powering the monitors.

“Lab.gruppen are always my first choice,” Yoo said. “The price point is good, they’re compact, easy to install and they just sound great.”

Daniel Choi, media director at ODPC, is also a fan of the power and compact footprint offered by Lab.gruppen amps, referencing an older Lab.gruppen amp in the original sanctuary. Initially, he was surprised that there was only one amplifier driving five monitor wedges.

“ODPC’s Korean Congregation has very different services on Sunday, ranging from very conservative and traditional to extremely contemporary, but I’ve never felt we lacked power for the monitors," Choi adds. "We have other types of amps on our campus, but Lab.gruppen are the most reliable and have the best sound quality.

"In the future, we’re planning to upgrade our subwoofers and the amp driving them, and Lab.gruppen will definitely be my choice.”

Founded in 2007, Genesis Technology, LLC is a full service event production and design/install company specializing in custom installation and system integration of audio, video and lighting systems for a wide ranging global client base.


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