Black Box Releases New Technology Products Guide -

Black Box Releases New Technology Products Guide

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The 72-page New Technology Products guide from Black Box features the latest technologies to help IT professionals build, expand, and update their networks. Readers will find solutions designed for complex IT challenges, such as green computing, data center consolidation, virtualization and mobility.

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“IT professionals are searching for better ways to manage and update their IT environments and communications,” said Brian Kutchma, Black Box vice president of Sales and Marketing. “This guide contains forward-thinking solutions for the challenges IT managers face every day: how to provide bigger, better, and faster communications.”

The guide features Black Box’s solutions for:

• Infrastructure Upgrades. Improve IT speed and flexibility with fiber and copper cable, including OM3, MPO, CAT6A, and armored. The guide also features the latest freestanding,
quiet, seismic, and tablet enclosures.

• Green IT/Data Center Consolidation. Improve energy ROI with Black Box cooling solutions, such as Cold Front passive liquid cooling, Cold Row scalable hot aisle/cold aisle cooling, and self-contained ClimateCab enclosures.

• Virtualization/Cloud Computing. With the new InvisaPC solution, users can access backracked PCs and virtual desktops hosted on a shared server without sacrificing performance.

• Physical/Cyber Security. Lock up network ports with LockPORT Cables and Port Locks. Secure network data with EncrypTight WAN Encryption. Latching Fiber Optic Switches provide secure, mission-critical switching.

• Mobility/Wireless. SmartPath Enterprise Wireless for both new and upgraded networks.

• VoIP/Unified Communications. Black Box’s new hybrid PBX & SIP Gateways is designed to make VoIP more affordable and practical for SMBs to implement.

• Video Matrix Switching. HD video and peripheral matrix switching for collaborative environments such as command and control centers, broadcast centers and professional AV markets.

• Digital Signage and Video Extension. Users can plan a complete digital signage/AV network with Black Box’s iCOMPEL offerings for small offices, SMBs, and the enterprise.

• Networking. Hardened switches for industrial networks, media converters, PoE devices for networks.

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