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Cleerline Technology Group, Panduit Join SDVoE Alliance

Cleerline Technology Group, Panduit Join SDVoE Alliance

Cleerline Technology Group, provider of SSF fiber optic connectivity solutions, and Panduit, a global network infrastructure provider, have joined the Software Defined Video Over Ethernet (SDVoE) Alliance.

Adding Cleerline's line of fiber optic cable to the team of products and providers of SDVoE offers greater opportunities for the delivery of high-definition and uncompressed signals to an increasing array of AV integration projects and applications.

AV systems' ability to deliver on their increasing potential to provide AV and IT solutions over one robust infrastructure depends upon components and connectivity that are genuinely integrated from end to end. They also rely upon the uncompromised transmission of ever-greater amounts of data between components with an ever-increasing array of specifications and performance characteristics.

Meeting both the current needs of today's systems and future-proofing for the innovations of tomorrow requires a fundamental shift away from previous proprietary systems and copper-based architecture to fiber optic connectivity and harmonized platforms such as that offered by Cleerline SSF and SDVoE.

"It is important to recognize the vital role that infrastructure plays in supporting the Ethernet physical layer, including the fiber cable that maximizes AV distribution distance," said Justin Kennington, president of the SDVoE Alliance. "We welcome the valuable contribution and participation of Cleerline to the group, and invite all InfoComm attendees to booth 3729 to see the Cleerline fiber in action, driving many of the SDVoE Alliance demonstrations."

"At Cleerline we have always been focused on pushing the bleeding edge of technological innovation forward, from both a performance standpoint and the value it offers professionals in the field," said president and managing director, Robert D'Addario. "Fiber optics are unequivocally the best way to transmit uncompromised signals over any network, and with the advancements in high resolution video currently in use and on the horizon, fiber will be a crucial part of any cutting-edge system including AV over IP. Joining SDVoE, an alliance of great providers with the same commitment to collaboration and innovation is an exciting opportunity for Cleerline as we continue to help expand the capabilities of all integrated electronic systems."

Panduit will work toward the organization’s goals of standardizing the adoption of Ethernet to transport AV signals in professional AV environments, and creating an ecosystem around SDVoE technology that allows software to define AV applications.

“Panduit is excited to be the first cabling and connectivity manufacturer to join the SDVoE Alliance as a contributing member,” said Dennis Renaud, vice president of Panduit’s enterprise business. “The Alliance and Panduit have similar goals of promoting the expansion and standardization of an AV-over-IP solution. This gives Panduit an opportunity to introduce our high-quality, industry-leading network products and solutions to the pro AV market.”

“SDVoE is the only off-the-shelf technology for pro AV that offers a ‘full-stack solution’ addressing the entire seven-layer OSI stack with solutions at every layer,” said Justin Kennington, president of the SDVoE Alliance. “Panduit provides vital infrastructure that supports the Ethernet physical layer, the basis upon which all the other layers are built. We welcome their valuable contribution and participation in the alliance and look forward to working with them as we provide the solid, stable, reliable, and cost-effective AV-over-IP platform the pro AV market seeks.”

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