BlueMaxx Award for DS Mobile Interactivity

  • by David Keene
  • There's always room at the top. That was my thinking, when I was invited to be a Judge, on another Awards contest for digital signage. This one is not just another awards program. The BlueMaxx Award promotes applet development around technologies and applications that enable interactivity between digital signs and mobile, handheld devices. This is at the heart of recent developments in digital signage, and I'm excited about being involved.
  • It is widely accepted that consumer interactivity is one of, if not the top driver of future success in the digital out-of-home industry (DOOH). Not only is it measurable, but it is engaging and stimulating. Consumers are becoming prolific in their use of handheld, often touch screen-enabled smart devices. As consumers become accustomed to receiving applications, coupons, and marketing information via their phones and gadgets with short-range communications, in-store marketers will seek new ways to leverage mobile devices in concert with digital signage.
  • This new media interaction begs for new technology and services. Hence, the BlueMaxx Award will identify the most compelling applet(s) with proven use cases demonstrating innovation in DOOH to mobile interactivity. And I'm jazzed about being one of the judges. STRATACACHE is sponsoring and initiating the new industry award. The BlueMaxx Award will recognize technology integration between the "4th screen" (mobile, handheld devices) and the "5th screen" (digital out of home).

Key criteria for the award includes:

* Interactivity must directly relate to a digital signage application or media interface and leverage short-range or other forms of communication for interaction with mobile handsets.
* A deserving candidate is an organization with a digital signage project and mobile handset application that is positively affecting the customer experience, sales, human resources, training and development, and/or providing a service to consumers, constituents, etc.
* A deserving candidate may also be using the technology to measure the effectiveness of the interaction with the consumer/end user.

For more information, and to enter, visit:

David Keene is a publishing executive and editorial leader with extensive business development and content marketing experience for top industry players on all sides of the media divide: publishers, brands, and service providers. Keene is the former content director of Digital Signage Magazine.