Capitalizing on Your Opportunities: Digital Signage for Integrators

Capitalizing on Your Opportunities: Digital Signage for Integrators
  • The rationale and guiding principles that are driving digital media investment have evolved considerably as the medium has found its place in providing business value. It’s four pillars of value that include improved branding, promotions, ambiance and vitality are accelerating new deployments while repositioning and expanding on investments that have already been made. The session by this name at DSE will provide a framework for assessing supply and service opportunities while describing how many organizations are re-positioning their digital media investment.

Lyle Bunn is an independent consultant, adviser, commentator and educator to investors, operators, suppliers and users of Digital SignageAs every end user enterprise wrestles to improve productivity of places, processes and people in their overall hierarchy of needs, integrators make a key contribution to these elements of brand equity and corporate valuation.

Similar approaches apply to digital signage aimed at shopper, patron, traveler, staff and student communications, each of which present revenue, margin and account control opportunity for AV, IT and Security Integrators. End user applications of digital signage are moving forward at new plateaus of value in retail, food services, hospitality, travel, health care, consumer services, corporate, education, military and government environments with the investment rationale of each deployment defined by the marketing or communications goals that are to be achieved. Legislation related to consumer messaging is pushing many retailers to invest in digital place-based messaging.

MarTech (marketing technologies) such as digital signage are leveraging ongoing investments in operating applications such as point of sale, inventory or customer relationship management systems. The integration with these systems bodes well for future digital media supply and application.

The way that projects proceed has changed as digital signage moves beyond being a stand-alone application in its own operational “silo” to being the basis of a media platform that leverages the operating system and can itself be leveraged to drive learning, security and other business requirements.

The challenge in retail of linking the “bricks” of physical facilities with the “clicks” of online and mobile is fulfilled when patrons are presented with this multi-channel option.

Where the corporate hierarchy of needs ultimately seeks to advance corporate valuation supported by brand equity and the development and monetizing of assets, digital media supports these imperatives by improving the productivity of places (physical and online), processes and people (both staff and customers). But further, the business requirement within the hierarchy to produce and monetize assets, including data assets of statistics, information, knowledge and wisdom are being met by the analystics related to digital media.

The manner of content presentation is evolving rapidly as data visualization is used to maximize communications results. Links to applications and data feeds add context and relevance to messages being presented.

This leads to improved customer experience, the newest focus of the Chief Marketing Officer who is looking beyond “engagement” to make memory-inspiring moments when the brand articulates its value so directly that each viewer can imagine clearly what they might accomplish through the brand. Customer experience is advocacy for the customer and can inform playlist strategy and provide key input to content composition.

There are significant changes in the effective use of the media. Increases in audience demographic targeting and messaging in a way that is most relevant to the time of year, month and day with emphasis on seasonal events and the corporate calendar is impacting both the demands on digital signage systems and the benefits that such systems deliver.

While the return on investment or objectives can become very clear from digital media, the language of ROI needs to be resonate with executives in order to gain internal investment. Fortunately, examples of use provide these clear indicators of value.

Integrators, who are charged with putting the technology in place, and sometimes operating these systems, are especially challenged to match technology elements with needs while considering budgets, executive buy-in, organizational capabilities and other factors.

In serving end users, and their own goals as an integrator, everyone involved in business development or project delivery must understand what guides digital media investment and the ways that projects move forward.

The principles driving digital investment are improved branding, promotions, ambiance and vitality It is essential for integrators to keep abreast of key improvements to displays, media players, content management software and other digital media supply chain elements. But more important is currency with the way that digital media is delivering value for an end user. 4K displays for example open new opportunities to deliver revenue and margins, while shifts commonly occur in partner relationships with display revenues that sit between “paid�� and “owned” media in the “paid-owned-earned” media model.

DSE offers updated perspectives on virtually all aspects of digital signage. In particular the following are essential to the success of audio visual, information and security system integrators:

•How the medium delivers value to end users
•Markets that are actively investing in dynamic signage – and why.
•Entry and expansion points of digital signage supply that provide recurring revenues, excellent margins and can improve ongoing supply positioning and differentiation.
•Ways of defining project opportunity and proven approaches to moving these forward with minimal cost-of-sales.
•Strategies being used by Integrators to enjoy growing success.

Author Lyle Bunn will present “Capitalizing on Your Opportunities: Dynamic Signage for Integrators,” at DSE 2016 on Wednesday, March 16 from 4-5pm at the Las Vegas Convention Center. For more information on this or any educational program offered at DSE 2016 or to learn more about digital signage go to

Lyle Bunn is a highly regarded independent consultant, adviser, commentator and educator to investors, operators, suppliers and users of Digital Signage – broadly recognized as a leading figure in the high growth Dynamic Media industry. He has contributed to the planning, deployment and operations of hundreds of networks through his consulting guidance and education. Lyle is also a member of the Digital Signage Federation.