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POPAI Leadership Conference June 4-6

Registration is open for POPAI's 2008 Industry Leadership Conference, to take place in Philadelphia, PA, June 4-6, 2008.

The conference will further explore how each segment of the industry–brand, retailer, advertising agency and producer–is engaging the shopper.

Speakers and topics include:
* James Damian, Senior Vice President, Experience Development, Best Buy, Delivery on Brand Promise Through Outstanding at-Retail Experience;
* James H. Davidson, Founder, Davidson & Company of Polsinelli Shalton Flanigan Suelthaus, Childhood Obesity and Government Scrutiny of Food Advertising;
* Mike Dillon, Vice President, Brand Activation, Pepsi-Cola North America, The Right Stuff: How to Successfully Engage Consumers and Customers in an Era of Customization;
* Jerry Olson, Founding Partner, Olson Zaltman Associates, Shopper Behavior;
* Anthony Prior, Director, Sheridan Global, Ltd., New Shopper Engagement Metrics: Impact and Effectiveness Ratios;
* Michael Quinn, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Research and Product Development, Premier Retail Network (PRN), Digital 101: How Retailers Are Using Digital Media to Enhance the Store Experience and Build Sales;
* Mary Kay Riordan, Senior Vice President, Promotion and Retail Innovation, Momentum Worldwide, Shopper InnovationsThrough Engagement;
* Dan Stanek, Executive Vice President, TNS Retail Forward, Retailing 2015: New Frontiers; and
* Lars Thomassen, Director, Birger Christensen, Brand Survival in the Age of Retailer Power