Westinghouse Now Offers Its Pump Top Tv Solution For Any Content Network

  • SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA--Westinghouse Digital Electronics is using its expertise as the power behind one of the nation’s leading gas station TV networks to offer any business the hardware, software and content needed to launch or expand their own pump top TV network. Westinghouse’s new Pump Top TV Solution is a complete distribution service that provides entertainment, news and advertising content on specially designed all-weather screens. It is the ideal solution for any business that wants to offer consumers TV at its network of gas stations, convenience stores or any kind of retail outlet.
  • Westinghouse, with its strategic business partner AdtekMedia, helped to pioneer the concept of TV at the gas pump with the launch of the PumpTop TV network. This advanced network now reaches an astounding 15 million viewers per month on 7,000 Westinghouse screens across the U.S. As an LCD leader, Westinghouse designed a proprietary all-weather 19-inch LCD screen that can withstand the elements and be easily viewed even in bright light condition. AdtekMedia centrally uploads programming and advertising and controls delivery to all Westinghouse units through its Network Operations Center. The PumpTop TV Solution is a unique way to bring content and advertising to businesses that are looking for additional ways to reach customers.
  • Doug Woo, president of Westinghouse Digital, states, “The gas pump TV market is a tremendous way to increase customer satisfaction providing an entertaining gas pumping experience and can also generate greater loyalty for specific gas brands and the brands of retailers that sell gas at their stores. In addition, the Westinghouse PumpTop TV Solution provides a powerful and sophisticated branding opportunity for retailers to capture the attention of customers at the pump. Whatever a company needs – whether it is just hardware, hardware and a network solution or hardware, network and content management -- Westinghouse offers the complete package.”
  • The Westinghouse PumpTop TV Solution offers many benefits for any retail location looking to enhance the gas pump experience. It generates an in-store sales lift driving consumers into stores adjacent to the pumps for promotions they see on the screens. In addition, the Pump Top TV Solution offers a compelling way to communicate to retailers and their customers using this unique medium. The PumpTop TV Solution also supports internal and external advertising opportunities. It provides a retailer with a measurable and valuable application for vendor co-op advertising and merchandising dollars with potential to sell space to third party advertisers. It also improves a retailer’s corporate citizenship and generates goodwill by providing a forum for distributing community announcements, news and broadcast emergency messages, such as Amber alerts.
  • The Pump Top TV Solution is part of Westinghouse’s larger, longer-term commitment to combine purposed content with unique hardware designed to reach viewers in specific situations. With its full-featured content distribution service, Westinghouse now has the ability to support retailers at multiple levels in enabling digital content and advertising over gas pumps. This includes utilizing Westinghouse hardware with AdtekMedia’s PumpTop TV network that features daily news, weather, sports and entertainment programming and real-time traffic data from multiple media partners, including ABC and ABC News.
  • The Westinghouse Pump Top TV Solution uses customized, 19-inch displays to provide drivers an engaging diversion during their five minutes of fueling time. This format provides a more compelling consumer experience in the gas station environment while offering both content owners and advertisers multiple areas of “real estate” for programming and messaging placement.
  • Watching TV at the gas pump is already well established and popular enough that consumers now expect to see it when they arrive at the station. Recent statistics show that while consumers are making more frequent visits to the gas station, they are not spending as much time at the pump (they are not filling their tanks completely). As a result, travelers are looking to receive their news, travel, weather and entertainment information faster than ever.
  • “Westinghouse is working to drive the gas pump display industry by supporting the expansion of the medium into as many gas stations as possible, including selling our solution into businesses and stations who already own private content networks,” said Woo. “We are achieving this by offering a solid end-to-end solution including design, installation and support. This is beneficial to consumers and provides measurable and quick ROI to the gas station owner.”

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