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QuStream Celebrates 35th Anniversary of Routing Technology

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TORONTO, ONTARIO--QuStream Corporation's 35th anniversary of its routing technology is being celebrated. Originating in 1973 as Communication Technology Inc., located at Huntsville, Alabama, the core design and production skills were acquired by 3M in 1976 and by Madrid-based PESA in 1990. A tradition of innovative leadership was established early with the world's first redundant router controller incorporating automatic changeover. This technology gave broadcasters a very high level of protection against system malfunction and spearheaded the move towards no-single-point-of-failure operation. Also renowned for reliability, this tradition of engineering excellence has been consistently carried all the way through QuStream's award winning DRS. An integral part of the QuStream product family since the acquisition of PESA in 2004, the brand retains a high level of customer awareness and enhances QuStream's own reputation for technical innovation and reliability.

"QuStream is built on very solid foundations," comments founder and CEO Fred Godard. "Combined with the strength of FortelDTV, which is itself backed by 32 years of experience in analog and digital video processing, plus a talented team of engineers, QuStream is ideally positioned to serve the broadcast, corporate and government sectors as they progress into high-bitrate digital HDTV and onward to UHDTV. The founders of both Comtec (Frank Zimmerman) and FortelDTV (Virgil Lowe) are still with us and play major roles in ensuring that innovation, reliability and value are reflected in every new product at QuStream."

"We take particular pride in having been chosen to supply equipment to broadcasters covering major US and international sports events including the upcoming Beijing Games," adds Karlton Burn, vice president of global sales & marketing at QuStream Corporation and Managing Director of QuStream (International) Limited. "Live sports give broadcasters very little opportunity for pre-shoot rehearsal. Equipment has to be fast and easy to operate, and to perform faultlessly first time and every time. We deliver proven technology combined with intuitive ergonomics. Our corporate aim is to remain at the cutting edge of video and audio routing and signal processing. The television industry at every level has a very exciting and future and looks set to expand into many new areas of human activity."



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