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Trois Rivieres Training Works Out with ELAN

The owner of the Trois Rivieres Training indoor sports facility wanted to give his guests the chance to have a personalized training experience where they could practice while listening to their own music.

When he called the custom installation team at Cybermation, Inc., the team suggested an ELAN g! Entertainment and Control System that pulls together three audio zones, several Samsung LCD TVs, 4 Speco IR cameras, and the building’s security system, giving the owner complete control over the operation of his business, even when he’s on the road.

  • Thanks to Cybermation, Inc., trainees at the facility can now dock their iPods on the iW22 iPort Docking station to listen to their own music while they train, and they can even bring their own DVDs to watch training videos on the TVs. To help keep the parents and visitors involved, Cybermation, Inc. installed a 50-inch Samsung LCD TV in the lobby that can display the surveillance cameras located throughout the training areas. The Speco 4 channel DVR, which has a storage capacity of 1TB, captures the footage from the cameras, allowing the owner to view past footage whenever he needs.
  • “When you think about it, there are so many types of businesses that can benefit from having all of their systems tied together in one easy-to-use interface,” said Cybermation president, Tom Ardolf. “It saves time and frustration, lets the business owners look in on things when they are away from the building, and the owners can also recoup some of the cost through energy savings with automated heating and lighting schedules.”
  • The facility includes a small-area synthetic ice hockey rink with full boards, including glass and netting for protection, a full size tennis court, an area for dry land training and a weight lifting area. Trainees young and old can sign up for 1-on-1 training, small group sessions, 3 vs. 3 hockey leagues, and anyone can rent the hockey rink or tennis court for personal use.
  • “Everyone that trains here loves being able to just dock their iPods and go, and they think it’s as cool as I did when I put a previous ELAN system in my home in 2007,” said Ardolf. “It’s amazing that the g! system lets me check the surveillance cameras on my iPhone even when I’m away from the building, and it really helps give me peace of mind. We even keep the parents in on the action with a 50-inch TV in the lobby that displays the cameras feeds from the training areas.”
  • The ELAN g! system at Trois Rivieres sends audio to three distinct zones—one in the lobby, one in the larger athletic training room, and one in the second floor office/cardio workout room. The JBL 8-inch Ceiling speakers and JBL Indoor/outdoor speakers emit the audio, and trainees are able to listen to the radio cleanly and clearly, thanks to the ParaSound FM Tuner.
  • “The ELAN system is perfect because it’s so intuitive and easy to use, especially for systems where patrons or consumers will interact with it directly, such as docking an iPod. The trainees at Trois Rivieres Training didn’t need to be taught how to use the system, they just plugged in their iPods and started playing their own music right away.”
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