Front Porch Digital Validates AXF Technology for Sony -

Front Porch Digital Validates AXF Technology for Sony

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Front Porch Digital will qualify Archive eXchange Format (AXF) technology for Sony's recently announced Optical Disc Archive technology being unveiled at IBC2012.

This comes as a result of Front Porch Digital completing the process of validating devices for DIVArchive V7.0, the latest generation of the company's content storage management (CSM) system, and the first system to implement the new open AXF technology.

Sony is collaborating with manufacturers in a number of related business areas. The validation by Front Porch Digital means that Front Porch Digital will support Sony's Optical Disc Archive expandable robotic library taking advantage of AXF technology. Customers who use DIVArchive V7.0 with the Sony system will get the benefit of long-term storage and preservation through AXF.

Front Porch Digital developed the new open AXF technology to protect, preserve, and facilitate the exchange of content among storage systems. By implementing open AXF within DIVArchive, the company has taken a step toward replacing outmoded legacy formats such as TAR with a truly open and storage-agnostic approach, ensuring long-term accessibility to the world's most valuable content.

"When the Sony optical disc expandable robotic library starts shipping, Front Porch Digital will support the Optical Disc Archive system using AXF," said Geoff Tognetti, senior vice president of engineering for Front Porch Digital. "Sony's Optical Disc Archive system is a complete archiving solution for file-based workflow, and we look forward to seeing the system in action at IBC2012."

DIVArchive is a software-based middleware solution that interfaces via 1/10G Ethernet and 4/8G Fibre Channel networks to connect diverse media infrastructures with NAS, SAN, and data tape storage systems. At film production studios, post-production facilities, and film archives, DIVArchive V7.0 supports complex DPX packages with as many as 1 million individual files per DIVArchive object and frame- and path-based partial-restore operations.


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