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AV College Classic: Does Your Alma Mater, Matter?

AV College Classic: Does Your Alma Mater, Matter?

It takes the top leaders– digital signage and AV providers, and top universities– to map out the challenges and solutions for today’s college campuses, and show best practices. But time is running out to take part in this major industry platform– the College Classic AVpro Bowl.

But don’t panic yet– in the spirit of college life, we’re giving all our readers an opportunity to ace this. We want to know what the best and brightest on college campuses are doing with technology: not just digital signage, but AV and AV/IT integration.

  • Send us 500-700 words on what your college alma mater is doing with technology– in the classroom, in public buildings, or in school sports facilities.
  • OK, if you haven’t been on your old campus since your checkered college career ended some years back– then send us info on a campus technology project you’ve been recently involved in– but it better be good! And no recycling last year's material– tell us what's innovative in the design/installation, from the perspective of students/faculty/staff, in today's university environment.
  • Photos get extra points. Send us your stuff by October 7th, 2015– or just sit in the stands and then explain to your spouse, your boss, and the school why you were snoozing while the other teams aced it.
  • Send to:
  • … and put in the subject line: College Classic

The bigger picture:

College Classic: AVpro Bowl

It's kicked off: NewBay's College Classic: AVpro Bowl helps recognize and promote the Best Integration of AV and Digital Signage with the college campus and campus life (sports, or non-sports applications).

It's the fall Shoot-Out of Digital Signage and the Latest AV/IT integration in:

• The SEC


• The Big 12

• The Big 10

• PAC 12

• Mountain West

• Conference USA

• Ivy League

• Wild Cards & Independents (including famous ones like Notre Dame as well as smaller schools), and any school from other conferences not listed above.

No mysterious BCS-like computers here– just like the NCAA’s new playoffs, we have a selection committee made up of stars of the University communities (no, not players and coaches– they’ll be busy– but University executives and technology administrators).

As a prelude to the DIGI Awards (entry starts in late October), Digital Signage magazine, in its annual Resource Directory issue, and in association with AV Technology and ProAV, is featuring a major section on Digital Signage and AV on the College Campus — in the true spirit of the autumn season, and the new NCAA College Football Playoffs — by NCAA conference categories. But the program goes way beyond that to a stand-alone digital magazine, the College Classic: AVpro Bowl, blasted out to 50,000-plus AV integrators, College Campus IT and AV administrators.

For information on how to participate in the College Classic: AVpro Bowl, contact David Keene, Executive Editor:

David Keene is a publishing executive and editorial leader with extensive business development and content marketing experience for top industry players on all sides of the media divide: publishers, brands, and service providers. Keene is the former content director of Digital Signage Magazine.