Austin’s Continental Club Upgrades with Meyer Sound

Austin’s Continental Club Upgrades with Meyer Sound

A musical and cultural landmark named one of the top 10 clubs in America by Rolling Stone , the Continental Club in Austin, TX has recently upgraded its house and monitor systems to new Meyer Sound loudspeakers. Audiences and artists alike immediately noticed the change in audio quality.

The new house system comprises four Meyer Sound UPQ-2P loudspeakers, two 700-HP subwoofers, and six MJF-210 stage monitors for onstage foldback. “As soon as we flew the new Meyer Sound PA, we could tell the difference immediately,” said Jamie Wellwarth, head of audio for the 300-capacity club and touring FOH engineer for bands Jane’s Addiction and Social Distortion. “It has clarity, punch, and you can get it nice and loud without that harsh sound that hurts your ears. It fills the room without overwhelming people up front. The difference really is night and day.”

The new house system comprises four UPQ-2P loudspeakers, two 700-HP subwoofers, and a Galileo Callisto loudspeaker management system with a Galileo Callisto 616 processor for system drive and alignment. Six MJF-210 stage monitors supply onstage foldback. The venue also features a Midas Verona analog console and hard-wired Telefunken mics.

“Everybody who plays here is amazed by how clear the MJF-210 monitors sound at high volumes, and how the vocals and instruments really cut through,” added Wellwarth.

A key player in implementing the recent audio overhaul was Kevin Lemoine, former staff FOH mixer at the Continental Club who is now a touring mixer with Green Day, Dwight Yoakam, and others. “The improvement is astonishing,” he said. “The system delivers all the music performed here perfectly, from classic country and Americana to alt-rock, blues, and Western swing. This is a legendary venue, probably the roots-music equivalent of New York’s CBGB, and it finally has the sound system it deserves.”

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