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Dual-Function Component Solutions with CAT-5 Extension to 300 Meters

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Connectivity solutions provider Gefen is pleased to announce the availability of three new system integrators designed for audio/video systems using the component video format. Ideal for large scale home entertainment systems, digital signage applications and high profile audio/video installations, all three solutions perform two functions in a single-box solution, streamlining equipment for an easy installation.

The 4x4 Component Audio over CAT5 Matrix enables a direct connection between any four component video sources and four displays while supporting digital and analog audio inputs and outputs. Individual receivers located at any of the remote displays connect back to the source using just one CAT-5 cable. Up to 300 meters may be traversed with a perfect replication of audio and video resolutions to 1080p. Remote receivers can be purchased individually to tailor the system, which provides seamless matrix switching among all eight devices.

Two new distribution amplifiers from Gefen enable audio/video systems using the component format to split and deliver two or four identical signals. Optional extension of both audio and video up to 300 meters at 1080p full HD using industry-standard CAT-5 cable makes these distribution amps indispensable for new or retrofit installations.

The 1:2 and 1:4 Component Audio over CAT-5 Distribution Amplifiers both operate with the same methodology. One component video input is split and sent to two or four displays with audio input and output in analog RCA and digital TOSlink and S/PDIF formats. Signals can be connected locally on the distribution amp or extended to long-distance locations.The extension of multiple audio formats with component video is achieved through individual receivers for each remote display. Users can purchase receivers only for the displays that require extension, enabling them to tailor the system to their needs.

All three solutions are engineered to account for CAT-5 cable skews so video is delivered with full quality representation at distances up to 300 meters. Gefen supplies high performance CAT-5 cables in various lengths.


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