Full Compass Hosts Student Recital

Madison, WI--Full Compass Systems recently hosted a Madison Music Foundry student recital, filling the 4,000-sq.ft. theater to capacity for the daylong event.

  • Those attending enjoyed a display of talent by students aged 5-60 performing solo or ensemble pieces from Hendrix to Bach. Staging was professional — from the sound system to lighting and videography, the students reveled in rock star treatment. The day ended with a student jam session.
  • Madison Music Foundry provides musicians with a positive, professional environment to learn, rehearse and record music. This locally-owned facility contains 17 studios that provide an ideal atmosphere for various music-related activities such as lessons, band rehearsals, educational workshops, and more. In a joint venture forged between Full Compass and MMF, students enjoy playing a variety of quality instruments and may use high-end audio equipment provided by Full Compass throughout the facility.
  • “We are excited and proud to support this wonderful organization,” said Full Compass chairman, Susan Lipp. “It is amazing to see these students grow as musicians through incredible instruction and access to the facilities at Madison Music Foundry.”