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Analog Way Vertige Controller Now Supports Matrix Routers, External IP Devices

Analog Way Vertige Controller Now Supports Matrix Routers, External IP Devices

The What: Analog Way’s Vertige controller will be showcased on Analog Way’s ISE booth #1-N32 featuring the support of matrix routers and external IP devices.

The What Else: Vertige (Ref. VRC300) is Analog Way’s remote console for wide-screen and multi-screen configuration. Since its launch, the Vertige has been enhanced through several software releases. The latest version (V02.02) brings major improvements: the Vertige can now control most popular upstream matrix routers (Extron, Lightware, Kramer, Blackmagic Design, etc.) and allows routing of the video signals to the LiveCore devices’ inputs according to screens content. If a matrix router is not available in the default set provided by Analog Way, the company’s technical support team can easily generate a custom descriptor that can then be directly imported into the Vertige through USB.

Other improvements include the configuration and control of the confidence screens, usually dedicated to the speaker to display the content visible to the audience and more. At ISE 2016, the Vertige will be showcasing our next firmware version V03 (available Q1, 2016). In that version, the Vertige will support the latest LiveCore features: 4K inputs, layer cut and fill, advanced layer management, and monitoring widget layout customization.

The Bottom Line: This version is a new step in Analog Way’s strategy to develop the Vertige as a powerful show controller. The product’s operation environment is now enlarged to remote control of external IP devices. By simply pressing a user key button on the front panel, operators can now perform standard operations on external IP devices such as recalling presets on any Analog Way Midra device, controlling the playback of a media player, or positioning a PTZ camera on the fly. As for the matrix routers, the library of external IP devices can be easily extended without the need of upgrading the Vertige.

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