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My Classroom Technology Wish List

1. DisplayNote: true cross-platform remote connection software. Collaboration between student(s) and instructor. Capture, Annotate, Collaborate, Note taking, Complete control, and save your work.

2. Panopto: Very easy, intuitive lecture capture software. One click webcast—host on their server with your own log in, on your laptop. You can even record on multiple devices straight to your laptop. Video search, media editor, live notes are all included. Really cool stuff and takes minutes to set up. We even have a simple portable lecture capture system complete with Phoenix Quattro boundry mic and Logitech camera. Our awesome engineer, Duncan McBogg, has presented this everywhere; it was his design.

3. Desire2Learn: CU Boulder's choice for CMS. ePortfolio, Learning Repository, Learning Environment—true communication and real time tracking between student and instructor. This is easily the most widely chosen CMS out there. We are deploying it in the Fall semester. The student custom site is awesome—very intuitive. You can get great analytics from this.

4. Google Apps
(Google forms, Google Docs, Google groups, Google Sites): What can I say about Google—it is open source, collaborative, with real-time changes. And now they have TeamBox which integrates with Google Docs, Calendar, and Gmail to give you a great integrated project management tool. Our group uses Google Docs, groups, and sites. As an end-user, I really love Google sites: group discussions, postings in one group. Students are able to collaborate about job postings. Not only are they getting an education, but jobs too.

5. Swivl Camera:
This is a great little BYOD! Works with any iOS device, and records audio. Check out the video on the home page because it speaks volumes.

6. Crestron RoomView: Custom configurable interface. Integration with Outlook calendar—what more could you want. Cross-platform RoomView can interface with all devices installed in the room. Imagine—one control console, troubleshooting issues before they happen. No more firefighting. We have over 250 unique locations on campus in which our equipment is installed, we waste time and money—not to mention time taken away from instruction, when we have to race out to location just to perform a power cycle of the system. With room view we can be truly proactive, not reactive.

7. Sonic Foundry Mediasite: Our choice for both hardwired and portable lecture capture. Very customizable and your catalog provides a lot of versatility to the end-user. We manage our servers through our networking group, and our instructors love it. We've deployed 4 units in our large lecture halls and are now creating service models around our systems. I personally like the video editing tool—replace slides, edit the video. Pretty cool stuff. You do have to have dedicated staffing around the service, if deploying large scale.

8. Adobe Captivate: I'm an Adobe junkie, so when Adobe came out with an interactive eLearning tool, I was all over it. Capture video and edit using drag and drop. Zoom in on key mouse clicks—or let the software do it for you. We've made a couple of interactive videos—complete with quizzes. Our technicians learn quicker, and it's fun too.

9. iTunes U: This is a classic—we use it here at CU. I love it. Half a million free lectures, books, videos, et cetera, and growing all the time. Need to watch that video for your film history class? It's probably here. You can take notes on what you watch and hear. Plus, you can learn on your own time, wherever you are.