Seen But Not Heard

Seen But Not Heard
  • Clockaudio launched new additions to its CW9000 UHF multi-channel radio mic system.FRANKFURT, GERMANY-The annual ProLight + Sound exhibition, which together with its sister Musikmesse exhibition drew 112,000 visitors to the German city of Frankfurt this year, acts as a major launching pad for Europe's commercial audio manufacturers. Many of these struggle to be heard next to the dubious attractions of MI companies, but have intriguing tales to tell, nonetheless.
  • A typical example at this year's event was U.K.-based microphone manufacturer Clockaudio. The firm showcased a substantial number of new products in Frankfurt, many of which reflected input from the company's customers, as well as its own R&D activity.
  • Bob Moreau, who has been working with the company in North America since 1996, commented: "The consultant base in New York has been very influential on our product development. They appreciate the fact that we were the first manufacturer to sit down with them and ask: 'What do you want from a microphone?'"
  • Key among Clockaudio's latest developments is its commitment to reducing the effects of RF interference from cell phones and PDAs. "We got a lot of complaints from financial institutions in New York about the effects of PDAs and Blackberries," Moreau said, "so we developed our own RF filtering which we're committed to applying across our entire range. Also, our mics are made from solid brass, which increases their immunity."
  • Among the company's Frankfurt product launches were some new additions to the CW9000 UHF multi-channel radio mic system. The latest additions plug into newly designed stands to create a portable wireless or boundary mic, and a new rechargeable docking station is also available.

A fold-away version of beyerdynamic's Revoluto conference microphone unit, developed and built in partnership with Rosenthal Einrichtung.
While Clockaudio prides itself on having a huge range of microphones available off the shelf, the company can also create bespoke designs to order. Its designs are available in a bewildering array of finishes to suit office décor, including many colors of Nextel suede-effect paint. "It's a non-reflective coating that blends in with different table surfaces and keeps architects happy," said Moreau.

Similar thinking lies behind another of Frankfurt's product launches-a fold-away version of beyerdynamic's Revoluto conference microphone unit. Developed and built in partnership with the renowned, 150-year-old German furniture maker Rosenthal Einrichtung, the new unit sits flush within a boardroom tabletop until it is needed.

Like Clockaudio, Rosenthal has opted to use Nextel (in this case a 'dark black' color) for the outer surface of the fold-away Revoluto, although the company can also custom-make units for use with its own tables if required. (Last year, Rosenthal supplied customized furniture for the G8 summit hosted by German premier Angela Merkel and attended by President Bush, among others.)